Vermont’s pollinators are in peril

VERMONT — Many of Vermont’s pollinator species are in peril. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has a few simple suggestions to greatly benefit our essential pollinator species.“The majority of our flowering plants need pollinators in order to produce seeds,” said Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department zoologist Mark Ferguson. “Vermont is home to hundreds of species of pollinators from bees to butterflies to beetles and other bugs that play a vital role in pollinating our flowers, trees and food crops. … (read more)

Local Food & Farm Guide: Vermont’s abuzz with pollinators

June 21-27 is national pollinator week and it could not arrive too soon. Vermont’s honeybee population and native pollinator populations are challenged.According to researchers, many native pollinators are in decline, or are apparently no longer present i … (read more)

Pollinators inspire local designer

WEYBRIDGE — This fall, after Vermont’s monarch butterflies began their dangerous migration to Mexico and Florida, leaving behind hundreds of acres of fields bursting with seed, Emily Kiernan and her family ventured forth seeking milkweed pods. Carefully h … (read more)

Bristol Elementary gets pollinator garden

BRISTOL — Bristol Elementary School (BES) now boasts a pollinator garden on its campus. It took a village to create a natural space for Bristol children to explore. Parents, inspired by the joy their children experienced during the school’s Forest Days, w … (read more)

In online classes, learn how to attract pollinators to your garden

BURLINGTON — Interested in creating a pollinator garden to provide a place for native bees and butterflies to thrive? The University of Vermont (UVM) Extension Community Horticulture Program has developed a self-paced online course, Creating Pollinator-fr … (read more)

Vermont’s pollinators need your help

MONTPELIER — Many of Vermont’s pollinator species continue to remain in peril, and as Vermonters are returning to their gardens and landscaping projects this spring, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department would like to share with the public a few simple a … (read more)