Silberman defeats Holmes in high bailiff primary

MIDDLEBURY — Dave Silberman bested fellow Middlebury Democrat Ron Holmes, 3,962 to 2,298, in the only contested primary election in Addison County on Tuesday, for high bailiff. Silberman, an attorney, campaigned on a platform of using the high bailiff’s position as a civilian “check and balance” over the sheriff’s office and to gain a platform to discuss criminal justice issues and drug policy reforms. He will now go on to face independent candidate Mike Elmore, a sergeant with the Addison County Sheriff’s … (read more)

Editorial: Takeaways from the primary, and the rise of Molly Gray

Two takeaways from Vermont’s primary election results seem apparent: 1) name recognition gained through several statewide elections makes it tough for first-time challengers to break-through; 2) those who do break through trumpet the need for change with … (read more)

Editorial: Vote next Tuesday — primaries matter, especially this year

It’s normal to have several candidates vying for the two top offices in the state during every primary. But typically the two major party candidates are well known and the primary serves as a warm-up to the General Election.  For Democrats, this year is a … (read more)

Letter to the editor: The ‘two Daves’ deserve your vote on primary day

If you drive by my house, you’ll note that a Black Lives Matter sign is front and center, flanked by signs promoting two Daves: Zuckerman for Governor and Silberman for High Bailiff. Dave Zuckerman deserves our vote for Governor not just because of his st … (read more)

Editorial: Bernie wins if he plays ball

Give Sen. Bernie Sanders credit. After his shellacking in Tuesday’s primaries — in which former vice president Joe Biden won in four or five of the six states, including a trouncing of Sanders in Michigan, 53-40 percent, and blowouts in Mississippi, Misso … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Single primary ballot needed

With the election on Tuesday now is a good time to point out the shortfalls of the present system. Voters were asked to select either a Republican or Democratic ballot for the presidential primary. Results are predictable this year but there is always the … (read more)

A Super Tuesday primary analysis

On the national scene tonight: Biden and Sanders will likely be neck-and-neck at the end of Super Tuesday with Texas and California likely to split for Sanders, and Biden carrying the southern states, Massachusetts and Minnesota. That is: Biden wins: • No … (read more)

Editorial: Primaries are messy, Bernie’s in the lead, deal with it

We have an authoritarian in the White House who, this week, is undermining the very foundation of our judicial system, interfering with justice in the courts on a case-by-case basis and telegraphing his desires to a corrupt Attorney General — and yet, lib … (read more)

Eric Davis: Filing deadline nears for primary

Vermont’s presidential primary will be held on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, which is also Town Meeting Day. Voters in 13 other states will also be voting that day in “Super Tuesday” primaries. The deadline for candidates to file petitions to get on the Vermont … (read more)