Mosquito numbers are down this year

WEYBRIDGE — The Lemon Fair Insect Control District (LFICD) that monitors mosquito abundance and activity in Weybridge, Cornwall and Bridport has collected less than 20% of what it saw last year by this time in its CDC Light Traps. This is likely due to the lack of a second flood event of the Lemon Fair River, the first caused by snowmelt and spring rainfall. Since then, there have been few significant rain events to prompt hatchings, which means that the mosquitoes in circulation now hatch either from perma … (read more)

To spray or not to spray: Bug district honors request

The BLSG Insect Control District honors non-spraying requests and takes strict precautions by creating well-marked buffer zones around personal property and bodies of water. The District requires that a letter be sent annually for those individuals who wi … (read more)

Mosquito larvae moderately low

With June just ended, the second quarter of 2019 will likely test the record books for rain. While n o t as severe as April, which saw essentially double the average rainfall, May and June continued to be well above average. Even though Otter Creek is wit … (read more)