Middlebury PD to take up sheriff dispatching

The Middlebury Police Department has tentatively agreed to provide dispatching services for the Addison County Sheriff’s Department (ACSD), a relationship that could lead to a deeper discussion of a regional dispatching service that could serve all the county’s municipal law enforcement agencies.

Longest-serving Middlebury cop has retired

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury Police Department Sgt. Mike Christopher has had varied assignments during his lengthy career, ranging from minor traffic stops to facing down armed suspects.But one of his biggest challenges was making a final exit from the Middleb … (read more)

Notable incidents in Sgt. Christopher’s career

MIDDLEBURY — Retiring Middlebury Police Sgt. Mike Christopher discussed a couple sad or tragic incidents he dealt with over 35 years on the force.Among them:•  The 2008 disappearance of Middlebury College student Nick Garza, whose body was eventually reco … (read more)

Police Chief Hanley suffers heart attack

MIDDLEBURY —  Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hanley is recovering following a heart attack suffered during the morning of Friday, April 2. During a brief email exchange with the Independent Monday morning, the chief said he also sustained a sprained knee and … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Color influences police response

We have written previously about the racist history of policing in our country and how police are doing exactly what they were created to do: protecting property over human lives. It might feel good to tell ourselves that Middlebury is different, but the … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Policing rooted in racism; Middlebury isn’t exempt

The history of the police may seem like it was a long time ago, and it is tempting to think that we should focus only on the present. However, the history of police is not only a relic. Even the star shape of the police badge, which originated from the fi … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Middlebury PD can serve as a model for policing

Some weeks ago I wrote a letter supporting our Middlebury Police Department and suggesting that defunded police could invite militia completely beyond public control to take over our streets. Subsequent letters by others to the Addison Independent documen … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Middlebury police chief weighs in on Floyd case

George Floyd died after being taken into custody by officers of the Minneapolis Police Department. My initial familiarity with this case began with media images and reports. I see Mr. Floyd, handcuffed behind his back, face down on the pavement, next to a … (read more)

Sex assualt investigator back on job

MIDDLEBURY — An Addison County investigator of sex crimes against children is now back at work after a two-week hiatus, which began late last month after Addison County Sheriff Peter Newton decided to drop the state-funded post from his department due to … (read more)