New book: CCV instills hope in higher ed

Many young people today are deterred from higher education by the rising cost of college, and they choose to stay out or drop out, observed an article published in January in The New York Times. And the college degree that might have raised young citizens onto an equal starting point is not achieved.

Taking the stage for Chuck’s Last Jam

Pianist and music educator Chuck Miller has been bringing good music to life in this area for more than a quarter century. Next month, Miller and his wife are retiring to Florida.

Somewhere in Afghanistan, my friend is hiding

I’ve been emailing with a friend I once worked with, a musician who’s in hiding in Afghanistan. He helped me a lot, years ago when we worked together out of Kabul on a project, and now I don’t know how to help him at all. I’m not even sure it’s safe to sh … (read more)

Weybridge author wins four national book awards

WEYBRIDGE — Honors for published books are hard-won — and it’s rarer still to win three national awards in a single day, then a fourth a few weeks later. Yet that’s what happened last month to Weybridge author Doug Wilhelm. On Tuesday, May 5, Wilhelm’s no … (read more)

Weybridge man recovers from COVID-19

WEYBRIDGE — Doug Wilhelm, 67, has often had to deal with the frustration and discomfort that comes with respiratory ailments. So when the Vermont Department of Health began telling folks in mid-March they should take precautions to avoid contracting COVID … (read more)

Weybridge author wins two awards for his books

WEYBRIDGE — Weybridge author Doug Wilhelm’s 17th book for young readers, “Street of Storytellers,” has won the 2019 Young Adult Fiction Book Award from IPNE, Independent Publishers of New England.  Also honored at IPNE’s annual conference in Marblehead, M … (read more)

Book review: Street of Storytellers — by Doug Wilhelm

(Rootstock Publishing) Luke isn’t interested in learning anything about Peshawar or Pakistan, because even though his dad “had him over Christmas vacation. It said so in the divorce,” Peshawar, and the “Great Goddamn Project,” as he and his mother referre … (read more)

Doug Wilhelm’s book is 38 years in the making

WEYBRIDGE — As a young adult novelist, Doug Wilhelm knows that if you don’t pull the reader in right away, “you’re done.” Nothing is different about the way he starts his 17th and newest book, “Street of Storytellers,” which he’ll share in a discussion an … (read more)