COVID has helped some re-set their priorities

The number of COVID-19 cases will decline and people will head back out into the world. But some people will be unsure of what to expect and what lies ahead.

Are antigen tests OK to use in cold weather?

With about 350,000 at-home antigen tests on their way to Vermonters’ mailboxes, readers wrote to VTDigger to ask how the antigen tests would hold up if left for an afternoon or overnight in cold weather.

Editorial: How to help nurses and doctors

Hang in there, fellow Vermonters. We know we’re in the midst of a COVID surge sparked by the omicron variant that saw a record 116 patients in Vermont hospitals on Tuesday, topping the record of 115 patients set on Sunday.

Letter to the editor: Vaccines are made by people

I don’t know why the polio vaccines ended up being named after individuals, whereas others have not. Perhaps if the COVID vaccine were named after someone, it would seem more acceptable, rather than being produced by “Big Pharma.”

FAQs: COVID-19 symptoms, at-home tests & more

The UVM Medical Center Primary Care Team this week provided these answers to frequently asked questions on COVID-19, its symptoms and more. FAQs: COVID-19 Symptoms, At-home Tests and More I have symptoms that I think might be COVID. Do I need a test? If y … (read more)

Guest editorial: Health care alarm bells should be ringing

As an emergency doctor and a longtime observer of how policy decisions play out on the front line, I can say that the despair rings absolutely true, and should ring alarm bells at the highest levels. 

Omicron surge prompts county to hunker down

Local institutions and businesses have begun to adjust their policies, schedules and programming to protect public health.

Top 10 of 2021: COVID concerns continue

The biggest story of our lifetimes dragged on through all of 2021 as the story of COVID-19 followed an arc through the year.

Letter to the editor: Students not safe in school

I’m terrified to go to school. That’s really nothing new — I’m from a generation raised on school shooter drills, told that a strap on a door would protect us and that if all else failed, our books could be shields.

Letter to the editor: Town majority wants mask law

I join Dr. Jack Mayer and the others who spoke up at the board’s Dec. 28 meeting in urging the selectboard to reconsider a mask mandate for public spaces in its jurisdiction.

Demand for COVID tests booms

As schools for younger students prepare to reopen after the holiday break, local educators are hoping a new testing policy will help keep more unvaccinated kids in school when one of their classmates tests positive for the disease.

Neshobe Elementary forced online by COVID

Superintendent Jeanne Collins cited two main factors that prompted the action: a cluster of positive cases that affected a number of grade levels and sent at least six classes into quarantine, and a shortage of staff.

Editorial: Fight indifference in 2022

In short, a successful 2022 will be in understanding how to manage COVID-19 and its inevitable variants, so that we can rediscover the energy, passion and enthusiasm of living a full and rich life.

Ways of seeing: Pandemic survival ten best list

My friend Julie told me this COVID pandemic may last five years. She said that based on what happened with the influenza pandemic of 1918, it could take that long for COVID to become endemic.

Letter to the editor: Unvaxxed should go to the back of the line

An elderly friend just had his hip replacement put off, as Burlington, Middlebury and Rutland hospitals had no bed for him. Of the patients who had the bed, almost all COVID patients were not fully vaccinated.