Cannabis board gets local input

BRISTOL — Despite a limited budget and a four-month delay in the appointment of its membership, the Vermont Cannabis Control Board is still aiming to complete its initial work in time to allow the state’s first retail, adult-use marijuana shops to open next year.The Cannabis Control Board, or CCB, was created when Vermont legalized retail sales of adult-use marijuana last year. Its job is to establish and administer a regulatory system for commercial cannabis growers, wholesalers, product manufacturers, ret … (read more)

Hemp firm eyes vacant Rt. 7 Middlebury building

MIDDLEBURY — A Vermont-based investment company is seeking to buy the former Connor Homes property at 1741 Route 7 south and use it for indoor growing of hemp plants, including propagation, storage, drying, testing, processing and wholesale distribution.T … (read more)

Four towns say ‘yes’ to retail cannabis

MIDDLEBURY — Residents in four local towns on Tuesday voted in favor of sending a message to entrepreneurs that their municipalities will consider applications for cannabis retail stores in the future. Vermont’s Act 164, which legalized recreational marij … (read more)

Editorial: Why vote to opt in for pot?

In this year’s Town Meeting balloting, the towns of Middlebury, Vergennes, Brandon and Salisbury (among many others around the state) will vote on allowing the retail sale of cannabis. If approved, retail stores would not open until October 2022. The reas … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Accidental cannabis ingestion by children an issue

During the segment of the Feb. 9 selectboard meeting on allowing cannabis retail sales in Middlebury, the possibility of harmful impacts on children was discussed; but one aspect of that issue did not come up. That is the impact on the health of very youn … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Well-run, regulated pot store would help downtown

On March 2, Middlebury residents will vote on whether or not to allow regulated cannabis stores to open in town. As downtown merchants and property owners, we write to urge all Middlebury residents to vote “Yes” on Question 3. Middlebury’s downtown has lo … (read more)

Retail pot advocates, opponents share views

MIDDLEBURY — Advocates and opponents of a proposal for Middlebury to entertain cannabis stores presented their respective cases during a Zoom informational meeting on Tuesday. The town selectboard hosted the informational meeting to help the public unders … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Vote yes on cannabis retail

Please vote “Yes on 3” to enable Middlebury to develop regulations to permit a retail marijuana shop to do business here. Such a shop will bring many good citizens to Middlebury and thereby benefit our downtown. Not having a marijuana shop here will just … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Sheriff shares views about pot

I have been asked what my stance is on the proposed cannabis sales in Middlebury. Here is my public opinion. We as law enforcement wasted everyone’s time in Montpelier trying to fight it from happening, it was going to happen whether anyone wanted it to o … (read more)

Middlebury retail cannabis talk set for Feb. 9

MIDDLEBURY — On Tuesday, Feb. 9, the Middlebury selectboard will host an informational meeting on a Town Meeting Day referendum that, if passed by local voters, would send a signal to entrepreneurs the county’s shire town is open to hosting cannabis retai … (read more)

Brandon eyes retail marijuana

BRANDON — The select board here has approved the Town Meeting Day warning, which will include an article asking voters if they will authorize retail marijuana sales in town. But before anyone gets too pleased or panicked, depending on which side of the is … (read more)

Vergennes to vote on retail marijuana

VERGENNES — Vergennes residents will decide on Town Meeting Day whether to allow legal retail marijuana sales within their city — subject to future city ordinances and zoning permits for any shops. At its Tuesday, Jan. 12, meeting, the Vergennes City Coun … (read more)

Editorial: Retailing cannabis will help Middlebury’s downtown prosper

Should the town of Middlebury allow the operation of cannabis retailers pursuant to state law and subject to local zoning ordinances and appropriate town regulations? Absolutely. And passing such a measure at this year’s town meeting is the right time to … (read more)

Middlebury to vote on cannabis retail

MIDDLEBURY — The Middlebury selectboard will place a referendum on the 2021 town meeting warning asking residents if they’re open to the prospect of cannabis retail stores operating in town.  This means the citizen who proposed the referendum, attorney an … (read more)

Vote on retail cannabis in Middlebury is sought

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury attorney and newly elected Addison County High Bailiff Dave Silberman on Nov. 17 will ask the selectboard to place a referendum on the 2021 Town Meeting Day ballot asking residents if they’ll allow cannabis retailers to operate in … (read more)