Fourth-grader wins OK to fly BLM flag at Mary Hogan

Elias Urang delivered a master class in social justice and the democratic process at Monday’s Addison Central School District board meeting. And he’s only 9 years old.

Ways of Seeing: Apt response to ‘All Lives Matter’

Let’s imagine a house catches on fire one dry summer day, and fortunately, someone gets hold of the fire department.

Letter to the editor: Civics ed would build community

In reply to the Oct. 21 letter to the editor that ran under the headline “The BLM flag is a divider” — I would like to see civics and community service emphasized in schools.

MUHS students raise the BLM flag

THE FLAGPOLE AT MUHSIndependent photo/Steve James MIDDLEBURY — More than 80 Middlebury Union High School students stood shoulder-to-shoulder during a picture-perfect Friday afternoon to witness the raising of the Black Lives Matter banner on the MUHS flag … (read more)

Cullinane: ACSD is committed to creating a more inclusive environment

The Addison Central School Board agreed on this statement regarding the flying of the Black Lives Matter flag at Middlebury Union High School, and board Chair Mary Cullinane read the statement at this past Friday’s flag-raising ceremony.

Letter to the editor: The BLM flag is a divider

Every morning the custodian of the school goes out and raises the American Flag, sadly the children inside that school, do not know the Pledge of Allegiance nor the Stars Bangled Banner or any patriotic songs.

BLM flag can fly at Middlebury schools

Almost two years after floating their original request to fly the Black Lives Matter flag at Middlebury Union High School, students there will now be able to raise that banner.

Letter to the editor: Anti-racism slogans can send the wrong message

The BLM slogan is inclusive, despite the desperation of so many people to brand it as divisive.

Letter to the editor: Not all anti-racist signs are created equal

I do not find anything neutral about the statement “Racism Has No Home Here,” nor does it strike me as turning a blind eye to injustice.

Letter to the editor: MUHS should fly the BLM flag

I am one of many community members who have written to the Addison Central School District board in support of allowing Middlebury Union High School students to fly the Black Lives Matter flag on the school flagpole.The great United States historian Howar … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Best if school remain neutral, limit flags they fly

It will be a big mistake if the flag poles at schools change the current policy and fly the Black Lives Matter flag.Aristotle rightfully said “when two people enter a room you have politics.” Unfortunately, the BLM movement has become a political issue in … (read more)

ACSD fails to pass flag policy

MIDDLEBURY — The searing national debate over what kinds of flags should be permitted to fly on government flagpoles continues to play out in Middlebury, where the Addison Central School District board on Monday evening couldn’t agree on a policy directio … (read more)

ACSD board eyes policy after students seek BLM flag

MIDDLEBURY — The Addison Central School District Board on Aug. 23 will decide whether to entertain requests to fly flags on district property that impart private messaging — such as the Black Lives Matter banner.It’s a topic that touches upon free speech, … (read more)

Ways of seeing: Seeing (BLM) signs of progress

In 1969 I adopted a biracial daughter. Though she has not searched for her heritage, she has always believed herself to be half African American. Jasmine was born in Vermont and grew up in Addison County, graduated from Middlebury Union High School and th … (read more)

Letter to the editor: BLM flag stands for all of us

The indefinite raising of the Black Lives Matter flag represents a student, staff, and community-supported initiative at Mt. Abe. This flag is intended to acknowledge, interrogate, and begin to work towards dismantling white supremacy, which is foundation … (read more)