Letter to the editor: Best if school remain neutral, limit flags they fly

It will be a big mistake if the flag poles at schools change the current policy and fly the Black Lives Matter flag.

Aristotle rightfully said “when two people enter a room you have politics.” Unfortunately, the BLM movement has become a political issue in this country.

The Constitution, with great wisdom, clearly separates the government and all its public institutions from getting involved with religion. Religion is a personal issue. In the same spirit, public institutions should remain neutral in politics.

There are many causes fighting for a voice in this country. Will each cause receive permission to fly a flag? Who gets to draw the line and say Native Americans, the Me Too movement, gay and lesbian rights, Asian and Hispanic rights, rights for people with disabilities, the right to life movement can or cannot fly their flag?

The BLM student leaders are passionate about wanting a flag to fly. Students should be passionate and it is important that they have input. However, their voice is but one of many. As they grow and expand their knowledge they will hopefully see that everyone’s opinion matters.

History shows us that over time education is far more effective in making change than confrontation. The best policy for public schools to implement is to make social justice education an integral part of all curriculum.

The school board will open a Pandora’s box if it changes the current flag neutrality policy. It will increase controversy and incivility in our community rather than foster dialogue.

Don Witscher


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