Distiller puts sweet summer treat in a bottle

“The idea was to make a liqueur that tastes like a melted creemee,” said Lars Hubbard, Appalachian Gap Distillery’s president and head distiller.

Local distillery strives to go carbon neutral

MIDDLEBURY — Devotees of the Appalachian Gap Distillery like the taste and quality of the company’s gins and whiskeys. Now customers — at least those with an environmental ethos — have an additional reason to imbibe. The Middlebury company is on the cusp … (read more)

Local businesses are making hand sanitizer for Porter Hospital

MIDDLEBURY — What do you do when a global pandemic tightens the market for your product so much that it forces you to pare back on manufacturing? If you’re the leaders of three Middlebury businesses, you plow your resources into making a hand sanitizer, a … (read more)