Built for community service, MREMS is 50 years strong

MIDDLEBURY — Seeing the large Middlebury Regional EMS building with the four-bay garage standing proudly at 55 Collins Drive gives thousands of Addison County residents a sense of comfort and security. They know that in any medical emergency help is mere minutes away from their front door. This week the ambulance, heavy rescue service and dispatching service officially marks 50 years in operation. But MREMS didn’t build its headquarters, its corps of 50 emergency responders and its fleet of ambulances, over … (read more)

EMTs experience: Ambulance squad is neighbors helping neighbors

Dick Forman got involved with the nascent Middlebury Volunteer Ambulance Association in 1971. He recalled that he was looking for a way to give back, “which most of us wanted to do in those days.” He was, and still is, a Middlebury College employee. The i … (read more)

Impact of the ambulance squad is felt in community for years

Roth “T” Tall, who has been with the Middlebury Regional Emergency Medical Service since the start, remembers the challenges and the triumphs of starting an ambulance service.  “We were constantly training,” Tall recalled of the early years of what was th … (read more)

Kate Rothwell to guide MREMS

MIDDLEBURY — The Middlebury Regional EMS (MREMS) board has once again looked within the organization’s ranks for new leadership. The board has picked Deputy Director Kate Rothwell to guide the county’s largest ambulance service during the search for a new … (read more)