Ways of Seeing: The look of love is in his eyes

Our cat Buster loves meat. Raw meat. We adopted him because he was cute and cuddly, and because my husband fell in love with him.

Ways of Seeing: The piano can be a refuge

I rarely play the piano anymore, but there are times it brings me home.

Fly fishing is therapy for some veterans

“Many veterans no longer refer to it as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder),” Bob Almeter points out. “They call it Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). It’s not a disorder. It’s part of who I am.”

Ways of Seeing: Understanding others’ narratives

I have bungled many situations in my life. Some stand out above others.

Ways of Seeing: Peace garden is a local treasure

At the southwest corner of the Bristol Green, facing West Street and adjacent to the playground, you’ll find the Bristol Peace Garden.

Ways of Seeing: Grandfather left enduring legacy

Grandpa was a small, serious man who stood straight and took pride in having become a modern American.

Ways of Seeing: The hidden problem all around us

Our neighbors’ challenges can be invisible. Like the folks who show up at Have-a-Heart Food Shelf each month.

Ways of Seeing: Community living is a blessing

My husband and I step out for a brisk winter stroll and immediately get drawn into a snowball fight — five energetic kids against three adults, but we three are up to the challenge.

Ways of Seeing: Monkey taught valuable lesson

Some years ago a gentleman named Jim could be spotted around Addison County with a young capuchin monkey named Cassie perched on his shoulder.

Letter to the editor: No guarantee of cost, learning benefits with merger

Placing merger decisions in the hands of a 13-member board across nine schools and eight towns is not in the best interest of students or taxpayers.

Ways of Seeing: Apt response to ‘All Lives Matter’

Let’s imagine a house catches on fire one dry summer day, and fortunately, someone gets hold of the fire department.

Letter to the editor: Local control is best for Starksboro school

Starksboro’s unanimous decision was based on what is seen as best for Starksboro’s children, including those with special needs. I am moved by the unity of the town on this issue.

Ways of Seeing: Crossing the bridges in our lives

The allure of bridges dates back to my childhood. In 1959 construction began on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge connecting Staten Island to Brooklyn.

Ways of Seeing: Medicare is for people, not corporations

It takes both good luck and good care to survive cancer. After my breast cancer diagnosis in 1999 I had both. 

Ways of Seeing: Treasure hunting along the aisles

For the past two years, grocery shopping has become my weekly event. During the expanded time between these excursions, I ponder the joys of childhood shopping trips.