Climate Matters: Honor and tend our waterways

I’ve been directing Addison County River Watch Collaborative for about 10 years, and I still feel like a beginner. I’m only starting to get to know the six rivers we monitor.

Volunteers help keep our watersheds clean

Clambering the stream banks in rubber boots on a spring morning. Leaning forward to fill a sample vial with cold river water. Working with a team to carefully note down details.

River Watch experimenting with cost-effective tools

MIDDLEBURY — Addison County River Watch Collaborative has begun its 2021 sampling season with a special project in Middlebury, in a watershed that includes Mary Hogan Elementary and Middlebury Union High School. The small stream, which empties into Otter … (read more)

River Watchers face challenges in 2021

ADDISON COUNTY — Snow is melting and the rivers are flowing, which means it’s time for the Addison County River Watch Collaborative to launch its water-monitoring season. “This is going to be our most complex season yet,” said River Watch Executive Direct … (read more)

Group tests county water for E. coli despite coronavirus

ADDISON COUNTY — Due to COVID-19 and related factors, Addison County River Watch Collaborative (ACRWC) almost put the lid on all monitoring activities this year. Once Gov. Scott “opened the spigot” a bit in June, however, the organization decided to do at … (read more)