River Watch will plant seedlings to boost stream health

After measuring and reporting on the health of local rivers, the Addison County River Watch Collaborative this spring and summer plans to expand its work beyond water sampling.

Locals look to help Barnes Brook

The community forum inside the warmth of the Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society (CVUUS) on Tuesday evening provided more than a respite from the cool, wet weather outside: It offered those who attended an opportunity to get to know better one … (read more)

River Watch addressing pollution in Barnes Brook

Tucked behind Middlebury’s Memorial Sports Center, a small stream flows southwestward, snaking its way through Addison County’s shire town before emptying into the Otter Creek. 

Letter to the editor: Lawton launched water sampling

I am writing to thank the Addison Independent and Marin Howell on a generous article regarding my involvement and retirement from Addison County Riverwatch Collaborative. 

River Watch founder reflects on growth of the organization

When Martha “Heidi” Willis began sampling Addison County rivers during the early 1990s, she was part of county-wide efforts to monitor the health of local watersheds that were largely limited to a handful of untrained volunteers conducting water quality t … (read more)

Keeping an eye on the rivers

As part of new and ongoing outreach work, Addison County River Watch Collaborative is working with community members and planning for local partnerships to address water quality concerns, such as those reflected in this year’s samplings. 

Local group teaches kids about waterways

Standing knee-deep in the New Haven River on Monday, Matt Witten explained to a group of 16 local kids and their parents the importance of keeping an eye on the health of our local watersheds.

Climate Matters: Honor and tend our waterways

I’ve been directing Addison County River Watch Collaborative for about 10 years, and I still feel like a beginner. I’m only starting to get to know the six rivers we monitor.

Volunteers help keep our watersheds clean

Clambering the stream banks in rubber boots on a spring morning. Leaning forward to fill a sample vial with cold river water. Working with a team to carefully note down details.

River Watch experimenting with cost-effective tools

MIDDLEBURY — Addison County River Watch Collaborative has begun its 2021 sampling season with a special project in Middlebury, in a watershed that includes Mary Hogan Elementary and Middlebury Union High School. The small stream, which empties into Otter … (read more)

River Watchers face challenges in 2021

ADDISON COUNTY — Snow is melting and the rivers are flowing, which means it’s time for the Addison County River Watch Collaborative to launch its water-monitoring season. “This is going to be our most complex season yet,” said River Watch Executive Direct … (read more)

Group tests county water for E. coli despite coronavirus

ADDISON COUNTY — Due to COVID-19 and related factors, Addison County River Watch Collaborative (ACRWC) almost put the lid on all monitoring activities this year. Once Gov. Scott “opened the spigot” a bit in June, however, the organization decided to do at … (read more)