Letter to the editor: Weapons policy violates the law

Bless me Father for I have sinned. I am a United States citizen. I have paid my federal taxes. Our United States government offers money and weapons to Israel. These weapons are made in the United States. My taxes allow and perpetuate this war on Palestinians. Israel is violating International Law. Palestinian citizens are human beings. Palestinians have human rights. 

The United States weapons transfer also violates International Law. Senator Sanders was one of 18 Senators who voted no to the $95 billion foreign and military aid package to help Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Here is Senator Sanders’ response to the passage of the bill in our Senate. “We are now in the absurd situation where Israel is using U.S. military assistance to block the delivery of U.S. humanitarian aid to Palestinians. If that is not crazy, I don’t know what is, but it’s also a clear violation of U.S. law.”

Does the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act mean anything to President Biden? Here is part of a summary of the Act. “This bill directs the Department of State to provide additional training for Foreign Service Officers assigned to a country experiencing or at risk of mass atrocities, such as genocide or war crimes…

The President shall report annually to Congress on U.S. efforts to prevent mass atrocities. The report shall cover topics including a review of current U.S. activities, funding expended on such activities, recommendations on how to strengthen such efforts,”

Majority Leader Senator Schumer voted yes to the providing of the $95 billion. Part of his response to the passage of this bill is, “We tell the world, ‘We will do everything to defend democracy and our way of life.’” Does “our way of life” have any relevance to a Palestinian who lives in Gaza?

What about having access to clean water, clean air, and food?

What about the child who has to have a limb amputated without anesthesia?

What about a family who has their home demolished?

What about a family who loses their lives in addition to their home?

What about individuals who no longer have any family member left alive?

What about a mother enduring a cesarean section without anesthesia?

What about drones which can be operated with artificial intelligence to target and assassinate educators, journalists, photo journalists, healthcare workers and aid workers?

What about sharing a meal?

What about visiting a library and reading?

What about getting help from a healthcare worker in a hospital?

What about the withholding of medical supplies? 

What about going to school?

What about having a working sewage system?

What about being taken to prison without being accused of a crime?

What about having access to electricity or fuel?

Senator Schumer, what blinders are you wearing?

Bless me Mother, for I have allowed the desecration of our Mother, the Earth. In addition to the cries of human beings, the earth is also weeping.

This letter to the editor is one form of my penance. 

What about showing the world a way of solving problems without using violence? How can a path be created where there is a peaceful future for children and their families and their communities? Ah … to be able to plant lemon trees and an olive grove with the possibility of actually harvesting food. Yes, this is possible. 

Our way of life becomes a life for all. Yes, we offer human rights for all, compassion and reconciliation.

There is a healing somewhere. I sing that song, again and again. 

A prayer.

Patricia Heather-Lea


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