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Letter to the editor: Electing Hildie Stone would benefit everyone

I am writing to recommend Hildie Stone for the Bridport seat on the Addison Central School District Board. All voters in all ACSD towns have the opportunity to vote on this position, so I’d like to let you know why I’m supporting Hildie.

Being a mother and a political leader can mean balancing the demands of both worlds, striving to do what is best for one’s children and for the people you serve. This can be a challenge, one that requires staying informed, listening to the concerns of constituents, considering the opinions of experts, and weighing the pros and cons of each decision. But it is also a rewarding journey, with the right mix of dedication, compassion, and hard work. As a mom and PTO leader, Hildie has demonstrated all of these characteristics.

Hildie has devoted much of her time to providing a loving environment for her daughter’s growth and development, serving first as a homeschool teacher, before joining the school community and becoming vice president of the Bridport PTO. Through this role, Hildie has sought to improve not only the experience of her own child, but of all our school families, strengthening the many bonds among us.

As mother to a multiracial child, Hildie knows firsthand the importance of equity in the context of our school system. She brings both the shared experience of raising a child in our schools, and the unique perspective of ensuring that school provides a safe and uplifting space in which to learn. As the district moves forward with its next strategic plan, with a focus on equity at its core, Hildie would be an invaluable addition to the conversation.

Through my work with the John Graham shelter and the Addison County Community Trust, as well as my own personal experiences trying to support a family, I have witnessed the impacts of basic needs going unmet, as well as the benefits of meeting those needs through community support and compassionate policy. Within our schools, one of those basic needs is safety and freedom from harassment. Hildie believes strongly in this basic principle and would work to integrate it into decisions shaping our school culture and operations into the future.

Hildie is also candid and down to earth. She manages the financial side of her family’s small business, which has long been known as a trusted local provider of car repair services, a line of work that is staked on reputation. When communicating with Hildie, you can always be certain that she is being transparent, whatever the topic. As the district tackles difficult issues on the horizon, this reputation will contribute to our community’s sense of trust in the school board’s work.

Most importantly, Hildie views the world through more than just her own point of view. She makes an effort to challenge her own assumptions and consider the lived experiences of others around her. This empathetic quality drives her to seek creative and compassionate solutions that benefit her whole community. And indeed, our community would benefit greatly by choosing Hildie as one of our next leaders. 

Jubilee McGill


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