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Letter to the editor: Vote for Ellen Whelan-Wuest

Ellen Whelan-Wuest has my vote for the Cornwall seat on the ACSD board. All of us who have been following school issues understand the complexity of the situation. There are no easy answers, and there are extremely difficult decisions that the board must make. Ellen gathers information and carefully researches the issues. She has a keen mind for analysis and, through her work for criminal justice policy reform, has a deep appreciation for the challenges that myriad families face. Ellen is well-practiced in analyzing complex problems and supporting actions to change the whole of society for the better. 

Ellen’s impressive energy as a community volunteer (WomenSafe, Cornwall Development Review Board, Red Clover Children’s Center, and more) demonstrates her passion for helping to improve lives throughout Addison County. Ellen’s skills and personality are exactly what ACSD needs. She’s a great listener, thorough analyst, and committed advocate for people of all walks of life. Please join me in supporting Ellen; her depth of experience, open ears, and big heart will help the ACSD board wisely address the challenging tasks on their table. Our children, families, teachers, and administrators will all benefit from Ellen’s thoughtfulness.

Marc Lapin


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