Letter to the editor: Many benefit from the Ilsley

The bond vote for the Ilsley Public Library’s proposed improvements and redesign is one of the most important we can imagine, and it’s a shame that Middlebury must shoulder this responsibility alone when so many of us from other towns are loyal patrons and beneficiaries of the Ilsley (we would encourage non-Middlebury folks to donate privately to the Ilsley’s fundraising efforts, if you are able).

Four new members join the ACSD board, one incumbent re-elected

Addison Central School District voters on Tuesday filled five seats on the ACSD’s 13-member governing board, with four of those spots decided in hotly contested elections.

Editorial: At town meeting, each vote matters; ACSD candidates Whelan-Wuest, Buck stand out

Next Tuesday, March 7, is Town Meeting Day. Many towns have their official meetings on Monday evening March 6, with Australian balloting the next day. 

Letter to the editor: Makleff and Whelan-Wuest will rebuild trust

As a current Board member myself, I know these two will contribute to building healthy, vibrant, and high-achieving schools across our district that our communities can trust and rely on.

Letter to the editor: Whelan-Wuest looks to forge bond with ACSD voters

I do not come to this role with my mind set on solutions. I am open minded and humble about what I need to learn from prior work and others’ expertise.

Letter to the editor: Whelan-Wuest best choice for Cornwall ACSD post

I feel that Ellen has the skills and temperament to advocate for Cornwall on the board and to work with representatives of the other towns to reach equitable solutions for the stakeholders in this complicated process.

Letter to the editor: Reader offers three candidate picks for ACSD

I am writing to urge others in joining me in voting for Ellen Whelan-Wuest in Cornwall, Ron Makleff in Middlebury, and Hilda Stone in Bridport for ACSD Board.

Letter to the editor: Whelan-Wuest stands out as ‘uniter, not a divider’

Especially as we’re emerging from the pandemic years, we need board members who can refocus on the most important priorities.

Letter to the editor: One hopeful stands out in ACSD election slate

One candidate that really stands out for me is Ellen Whelan-Wuest from Cornwall.

ACSD candidates voice their views

The Independent posed five questions to each of the nine ACSD board candidates involved in contested races.

Letter to the editor: Whelan-Wuest is the best choice for ACSD

She is super smart, full of heart, and laser focused on making this a community where everyone can thrive.

Letter to the editor: Whelan-Wuest & Buck earn Conlon’s support

I was thrilled when Ellen stepped forward to replace me on the board, both in the appointment to fill the vacancy and to run for the election in March.

Letter to the editor: Vote for Ellen Whelan-Wuest

Ellen is well-practiced in analyzing complex problems and supporting actions to change the whole of society for the better. 

Letter to the editor: ACSD board candidate has shown true leadership

Ellen Whelan-Wuest is running for the ACSD school board. That’s good news for our towns and schools, families and children.

Letter to the editor: Whelan-Wuest is an objective problem solver

Ellen listens objectively and respectfully to differing perspectives and has already started the hard work we need to help lead our schools forward.