Letter to the editor: HOPE is thankful for all the community support

On behalf of everyone at HOPE — staff, constituents, board — a hearty thank you to the fabulous women who once again ran our holiday shop. Parents of over 500 children were able to select from new toys, books, games, and other gift items. Most of these children would otherwise have had little or nothing to open on Christmas morning.

The heart and soul of this shop is the dedicated group of women who spend countless hours soliciting gifts, setting up the shop, and overseeing its daily operation. Helen Haerle and Faith Parkins are the senior members of the group, having run the shop for decades. Gale Hurd, Connie Wagner, Patty McCormack and Martha Baldwin are also core members of the group who meet throughout the year to plan the shop and ensure we have the items needed. 

Set up was helped along this year by Jackie Ramsay, Donna Gilbert and Janet Mosurick. Eileen Bearor, aided by her husband Dave, made the shop shine with an amazing decorating job. Once again, Amy Graham oversaw the setting up of our book section, aided by Meg Baker, Asa Baker-Rouse, Martha Alexander and her daughters B and Thea Porter, Ari Graham-Gurland, Lia Robinson, Becca Orten, and Melody Berenbaum. 

We are grateful for all their help.

Deep thanks also to the many volunteers who filled shifts, assisting parents as they shopped. And thanks to the generous businesses, faith-based organizations, civic clubs, schools, and others who provided gifts, warm socks and hats, books, and family gifts, and to everyone who made financial contributions which we used to purchase items.

The parents who accessed the shop were so very pleased and grateful to be able to use it, especially this year when prices for toys and other gifts were sharply higher than just a few months ago. 

To each and every person who assisted, please know how much of a difference your caring and your gifts made.

Thank you.

Jeanne Montross

Executive Director

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