HOPE Holiday Shop readies for kids in need

Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE) will reopen its Holiday Shop to in-person browsing next week after a two-year hiatus forced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Human food shelf to serve pets, too

Beginning Monday, Nov. 15, Middlebury’s Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects’s (HOPE) food shelf will be open not only to humans, but also their four-legged friends.

VUHS seniors walk for HOPE

The annual Vergennes Union High School senior class walkathon went on as scheduled on Monday despite rainy, cold weather.

Swamped resale shops are limiting donations

Addison County’s two largest nonprofit resale shops are swimming in donated clothing, accessories, furniture and other items  — so much so that they’ve had to limit intake due to swelling inventory.

Bradburn bids farewell to HOPE

MIDDLEBURY — The nonprofit Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE) is bidding farewell to its first-ever local food access coordinator, Lily Bradburn, who’s been instrumental in the success of the organization’s food shelf and gleaning efforts that sust … (read more)

HOPE gets college quarantine snacks

MIDDLEBURY — Officials at the organization Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects, or HOPE, are giving thanks for literally a ton of food. As Middlebury College welcomed students back to campus late last month, the college’s food service prepared healthy pack … (read more)

Holiday Jukebox raised $2,690 for food shelf

Holiday Jukebox raised $2,690 for Addison County Food Shelf at HOPE Everyone faced challenges in 2020, and Middlebury’s Town Hall Theater is no exception. Closed to the public since March, the staff has had to literally think outside of the box. The happy … (read more)

Holiday Jukebox helps HOPE this season

Christmas means music — choirs in churches, carolers on the street, performances in theaters. But due to the pandemic, we’re facing a season in which musicians, and their music, are stuck indoors and socially distant from one and other, as well as from ap … (read more)

Faith Gong: An invitation to mourn — and hope

On Monday, Nov. 25, 1963, all federal agencies and departments in the United States were closed. For four days, all of the commercial television networks suspended their regular programming for the first time in television history. Many schools, offices, … (read more)

COVID won’t stop HOPE’s holiday gifts

MIDDLEBURY — Just when it appeared that COVID-19 might play the role of the Grinch that stole Christmas from low-income families, Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE) has creatively ensured that its Holiday Shop will stay in business to distribute fr … (read more)

Pandemic forces HOPE to alter donation strategies

MIDDLEBURY — COVID-19 will try to impersonate the Grinch during the upcoming holiday season, but the nonprofit organization Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE) is committed to providing free Christmas treats to children in low-income households even … (read more)

HOPE wants to return misplaced cash

MIDDLEBURY — Folks at Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE), the Middlebury nonprofit social services agency, are searching for a person who made a bigger donation than was intended. Officials said the person unwittingly left what they are describing … (read more)

HOPE boosts benefits

MIDDLEBURY — Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE) has temporarily relaxed the eligibility standards for its free food and other charitable services, in recognition of the economic pain many Addison County families are experiencing during the COVID-19 … (read more)

HOPE adjusts its methods to fit the need

MIDDLEBURY — The Middlebury-based non-profit Helping Overcome Poverty’s Effects (HOPE) is also adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization, which offers food, clothing and financial assistance to area people in need, is currently oper … (read more)

Editorial: A $25,000 challenge for food is welcome news

The coronavirus is here and most of us have two overarching questions: what can we do to protect and take care of our immediate families, and what can we do to help others in the community. We’ve belabored the first question with stories on social distanc … (read more)