Letter to the editor: Recent letter about stray cats appreciated

I’m writing to commend Erica Langston on a thoughtful and thorough letter regarding the factors to assess when considering if a cat is truly stray and in need of help or if he or she is part of a family who chooses to allow outdoor time. Erica suggested Homeward Bound circulate a list of questions for guidance in making this determination; I would only add to her list that a person could also use the ever-helpful Front Porch Forum to query if others in their neighborhood have knowledge of the cat’s status.

It is an evergreen debate and at Homeward Bound we do believe all cats would be indoor-only in a perfect world — protecting both songbird populations and reducing their chances of injury and death — but we recognize that we do not live in a perfect world and are grateful that Erica has provided such a respectful contribution to the debate.

Thank you,

Jessica Danyow

Executive Director

Homeward Bound, Addison

County’s Humane Society

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