Letter to the editor: Gov. Scott failed to address rising health care costs

Healthcare costs are rising much faster than the cost of living. One-third of Vermonters are underinsured. There are far too many heartbreaking stories of Vermonters being ruined by out-of-control medical bills. Who hasn’t had that shock from receiving a medical bill that was way more expensive than you thought it would be? I went in for what ended up being pleurisy (treatment: ibuprofen), had a few blood tests, and 20 minutes later came out with a $1,700 bill that my high deductible plan (used to be called catastrophic) of course did not cover. Ouch!

Phil Scott has not changed this status quo. Why? Perhaps the pressure of lobbyists for a healthcare industry that can afford to pay its executives salaries as high as $2 million?

Our property taxes mainly pay for education, and a big rising line item in that education bill is of course out-of-control healthcare costs. If Scott really cares about our property taxes shouldn’t he do something about healthcare?

On Nov. 8 send Scott a message that you are tired of him getting donations from healthcare while he doesn’t help Vermonters who are suffering under the weight of ridiculous healthcare costs. Do not fill in the oval next to his name.

Mark Gibson


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