Editorial: The case for Dean, while Scott’s burden is heavier

Could this year’s “tough” legislative session have been less bitter, more productive, and had a better outcome with a different dynamic between the Legislature and the governor’s office?

Editorial: A note on H.289 and net metering

Community solar is simply the ability for an individual to participate in solar usage if their own lot or circumstances prevent them from being able to place any solar arrays of their own.

Gov. Scott targets Vermont’s demographic challenges in his State of the State

Gov. Phil Scott, in Thursday’s State of the State, reinforced his perennial concerns: state demographics, public safety, affordability and housing.

Vt. House overrides Scott’s veto of ‘bottle bill’

By a wide margin, the Vermont House voted on Thursday morning to override Gov. Phil Scott’s veto of H.158, better known as the “bottle bill.”

Gov. Scott requests aid after May frost

Gov. Phil Scott last week asked that the U.S. Department of Agriculture issue a disaster designation for the state of Vermont in response to a mid-May frost that devastated crops throughout the Northeast.

Scott officials to visit Bristol

Officials in the administration of Gov. Phil Scott are due to visit two Bristol sites during a tour of Addison County on Thursday, June 8.

Affordable heat bill becomes law after Vt. House overrides Gov. Scott’s veto

The Legislature’s highest-profile climate bill, sponsored by Addison County Sen. Chris Bray, will become law despite the governor’s opposition.

Guest editorial: Climate bill doesn’t make legislature accountable

As Governor, I believe we must make Vermont more affordable by helping Vermonters keep more of what they earn, while we simultaneously make transformative, strategic investments in important areas like community revitalization, climate action, housing, ch … (read more)

Gov. Scott: Civility, respect in the public square

I understand the passion surrounding sports, but it’s clear we have a problem, and we should not tolerate the hate.

Gov. Scott tries to keep state budget ‘lean’ despite record revenues

The Vermont governor says the state must not use a federal funds windfall to pay for ongoing commitments.

Transcript of Gov. Phil Scott’s 2023 budget address

This is a transcript of Governor Scott’s Jan. 20 budget address to the Vermont Legislature. It was provided by the governor’s office.   Mr. President, Madam Speaker, Mr. Pro Tem, members of the General Assembly, and fellow Vermonters: Two weeks ago, … (read more)

Gov. Scott calls for revival of Vermont economy in inaugural address

The Vermont governor echoed familiar calls for statewide economic recovery in the face of unprecedented opportunity.

Scott signs pact for family leave

Three years after Gov. Phil Scott first signed a contract with state employees that would provide them with paid family and medical leave and anchor a voluntary program for other employers in Vermont, the Republican governor has announced that his adminis … (read more)

Editorial: Is Scott’s paid family leave plan business friendly?

Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s announcement to launch a paid leave program for state employees is a cynical, political move that has sparked deserved criticism.

Letter to the editor: Gov. Scott failed to address rising health care costs

Healthcare costs are rising much faster than the cost of living. One-third of Vermonters are underinsured.