Affordable heat bill becomes law after Vt. House overrides Gov. Scott’s veto

The Legislature’s highest-profile climate bill, sponsored by Addison County Sen. Chris Bray, will become law despite the governor’s opposition.

Guest editorial: Climate bill doesn’t make legislature accountable

As Governor, I believe we must make Vermont more affordable by helping Vermonters keep more of what they earn, while we simultaneously make transformative, strategic investments in important areas like community revitalization, climate action, housing, ch … (read more)

Gov. Scott: Civility, respect in the public square

I understand the passion surrounding sports, but it’s clear we have a problem, and we should not tolerate the hate.

Gov. Scott tries to keep state budget ‘lean’ despite record revenues

The Vermont governor says the state must not use a federal funds windfall to pay for ongoing commitments.

Transcript of Gov. Phil Scott’s 2023 budget address

This is a transcript of Governor Scott’s Jan. 20 budget address to the Vermont Legislature. It was provided by the governor’s office.   Mr. President, Madam Speaker, Mr. Pro Tem, members of the General Assembly, and fellow Vermonters: Two weeks ago, … (read more)

Gov. Scott calls for revival of Vermont economy in inaugural address

The Vermont governor echoed familiar calls for statewide economic recovery in the face of unprecedented opportunity.

Scott signs pact for family leave

Three years after Gov. Phil Scott first signed a contract with state employees that would provide them with paid family and medical leave and anchor a voluntary program for other employers in Vermont, the Republican governor has announced that his adminis … (read more)

Editorial: Is Scott’s paid family leave plan business friendly?

Republican Gov. Phil Scott’s announcement to launch a paid leave program for state employees is a cynical, political move that has sparked deserved criticism.

Letter to the editor: Gov. Scott failed to address rising health care costs

Healthcare costs are rising much faster than the cost of living. One-third of Vermonters are underinsured.

Letter to the editor: Scott’s economic policies steeped in outdated ideals

Vermont is lucky compared with other states under Republican governors. Gov. Phil Scott is no raving Trumpite! However, his economic thought reflects old Republican ideas.

Siegel challenges Scott’s record at debate

Facing off at a Sept. 29 debate in Burlington, Republican Gov. Phil Scott and his Democratic challenger, Brenda Siegel, offered voters two dramatically different narratives of Vermont’s political and economic trajectory. 

Letter to the editor: Is party loyalty an issue for Scott?

Am I the only one who wonders how Phil Scott can continue to stomach being a Republican?

Scott vetoes Act 250 update

Phil Scott has vetoed a bill that would have updated Act 250, Vermont’s broad land use and development law, over concerns that it would impede efforts to alleviate the state’s severe housing crisis.

Gov. Scott launches fourth bid for Vermont’s top office

Gov. Phil Scott is running for a fourth term. Hours after he announced his reelection plans in a news release Tuesday morning, Scott told reporters in Montpelier that he “carefully considered (his) options” when deciding whether to seek another two years … (read more)

Gov. Scott vetoes climate change bill

Gov. Phil Scott on Friday vetoed the clean heat standard, which is widely viewed as the largest climate change bill of the session.