Letter to the editor: Lanpher, Birong merit re-election

With politicians, what you see is not always what you get. Rob North positions himself as a centrist Republican, aligned with Gov. Scott. But is he really? If you compare his fervent embrace of Gov. Scott and his generic calls for “balance” with the very few concrete positions he actually takes, it sure seems that he is hoping to obscure his radical positions behind a fog bank of unspecified “common sense.” 

Our governor was the first in the nation to travel primarily in an all-electric vehicle. You can Google that. Mr. North says he’s not against electric vehicles, it’s just that actual moves to transition to electric are premature. That’s not “balanced.” Mr. North is for “the environment;” he’s just against the Global Warming Solutions Act. Not “balanced.” Mr. North is for clean water, he’s just against doing anything to regulate the industrial dairy runoff that drives cyanobacteria. Not “balanced.” Mr. North is against abortion; he just won’t articulate how to balance concern for a fetus with concern for the life, well-being and rights of a mother. Now that’s not balanced either. 

Addison-3 has two qualified and experienced legislators in Diane Lanpher and Matt Birong. They state their positions and are accountable for them. You can look it up. People on Front Porch Forum repeatedly asked Rob North to clarify his positions, particularly on abortion, but he never did. Diane and Matt understand that it takes candor, concrete positions, and hard decisions to represent us in Montpelier. Please look at these candidates carefully. 

Look beyond the yard signs, bland generalities, and unrealistic promises. Your voice is important, so please vote by Nov. 8.

Paula Moore


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