Letter to the editor: Goshen man to the rescue

After a long work week I longed to be outside, so I packed up my dogs in my car on Saturday and headed up to one of my favorite places: Goshen. I was undeterred by the cool temperatures and threat of showers, because I longed for the therapy of the trails and the trees. Unfortunately, I forgot about Vermont’s fifth season — Mud Season.

My poor little car was no match for that incredible muck, so needless to say, I got stuck right in the middle of the Goshen-Ripton Road; my little car in easily eight inches of quicksand-like mud. After miraculously finding a sliver of cell service, I was promised that AAA would dispatch help. Four hours later, and after repeated calls to AAA, we (my dogs and I) were all still there.

Finally, a car approached and I thought my tow truck rescuer had arrived, but I was mistaken. It was a couple who lived nearby and offered to help. So a few minutes later, this friendly stranger braved the rain, mud and thunder to pull me out. He calmly taught me where to find and attach a hitch to my car and coached me how to help steer as his truck tugged me out of the mud. He wanted no reward but simply wanted to help. 

Thank you Steve of Goshen!

Linda Kepes


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