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Letter to the editor: McCallum, Doria are best choices for ACSD board

I write to support Jamie McCallum (Weybridge) and Joanna Doria (Ripton) for election to the Addison Central School District board.

As a parent of two ACSD kids (MUHS and MUMS), the one thing that I look for most from my school board representatives is a willingness to listen to the needs of the community. For too long, the ACSD board has been following a top-down approach to school governance, shutting down instead of welcoming meaningful dialogue, forging ahead with major decisions that are not supported by pedagogical best practices, and rubber-stamping administrative decisions without critical review. With deep respect and appreciation for the service of our incumbent board members, I say it is time to change course.

Jamie and Joanna are parents and education professionals. They are committed to centering community feedback in their work, and doing what’s right for our district’s children today and for the long term.

Dave Silberman


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