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Letter to the editor: Cast your support for McCallum and Doria

Over the last five years I’ve witnessed a growing divide between the school board, administration, and the communities of Addison Central School District (ACSD). There are two great candidates running for the school board who will help bridge that gap and bring us together to collaborate and address the challenges before us.

Jamie McCallum and Joanna Doria will invite and value input from communities, educators, and students when making policy decisions and determining a direction for the district as a whole. They are committed to prioritizing and supporting the health and well being of all of our students and our educators.

In addition to looking ahead, Joanna and Jamie will review and assess past decisions like the 6th grade move to Middlebury Union Middle School. They will evaluate and weigh the true cost and analyze the benefits of the International Baccalaureate program to determine if the program fits within our financial abilities and meets the needs of our students.

I look forward to voting for Joanna Doria and Jamie McCallum because I know they will work tirelessly to evaluate decisions to ensure that as a district we proceed in a thoughtful and careful way to ensure great educational experiences and outcomes for our students while also balancing the financial realities of our district.

Your voice matters and your vote is important. Vote early or head to the polls March 1 and consider casting your votes for Jamie McCallum and Joanna Doria.

Tanya Scuteri


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