Letter to the editor: Safety of cyclists is a shared task

I enjoyed seeing coverage of the Tour de Farms and Kelly Brush Rides in last week’s paper. Unfortunately, there were multiple photos showing cyclists riding in an unsafe and illegal manner.

Letter to the editor: ACSD board candidates Stone, Makleff earn support

The ACSD school board ballot will be very full this year. I am proud to support Hilda Stone and Ron Makleff.

Letter to the editor: SOS group won’t file lawsuit

First and foremost, we want to thank the ACSD board for a robust discussion at the Feb. 13 board meeting that ended in an affirmative vote to amend the district Articles of Agreement to include a district-wide vote on proposed school closures.

Letter to the editor: Save Our Schools group shares educational values

Over the last few years, many of us have strived to provide the students of the Addison Central School District (ACSD) with a strong education.

Letter to the editor: Trust voters on school closures

We believe our organization shares a vision with the ACSD board to embrace a single educational community that is stronger together.

Letter to the editor: McCallum, Doria have students’ interests at heart

In the ACSD, each town has at least one representative on the school board. You might ask, “Why are there a specific number of seats allocated to each town if we vote for them all district-wide?

Letter to the editor: Cast your support for McCallum and Doria

Over the last five years I’ve witnessed a growing divide between the school board, administration, and the communities of Addison Central School District.

Letter to the editor: Enrollment is on the upswing

District-wide enrollment increased by about 50 students this school year despite the number of families choosing to home school due to the pandemic.

Letter to the editor: Transparency a part of ACSD debate

As always I want to thank those serving on the Addison Central School District board for the time and energy they put into the work. It is no small task and it is appreciated. The following quote is from “A Matter of Public Record, A Guide to Vermont’s Pu … (read more)

Letter to the editor: The numbers justify Ripton’s independence bid

Democracy — perhaps the most important reason to vote yes to ratify Ripton’s town vote to secede from Addison Central School District. The people of Ripton came out in impressive numbers and voted to secede. That vote should be respected and honored. The … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Bernstein supported for House

Ruth Shattuck Berstein is running to represent you — and everyone in Benson, Orwell, Shoreham, and Whiting — in the Vermont House of Representatives. Ruth has a long history of being active in the community and speaking up even when her voice is in the mi … (read more)

Letter to the editor: ACSD must to more analysis

$17 million. That’s a big number. A number of this magnitude deserves extensive review and analysis. Certainly it warrants second opinions and further investigation. I believe that’s what the ACSD board was on their way to doing when the TruexCullins Elem … (read more)