Editorial: If you care, go vote


We’ll admit that attending Town Meeting informational meetings the night before Town Meeting Day votes has lost much of the attraction of the once-upon-time Town Meetings of old. Back when folks took much of the day off work to visit with friends and neighbors in a rural town hall, over lunches or early dinners, discussing the what-ifs and whatnots of town affairs and casting votes that decided towns action for the year right then and there in the moment. Those are by-gone days every town ought to revitalize once each decade just to celebrate such a memorable heritage.

But doing that each year is not today’s reality. That doesn’t mean, however, that residents aren’t interested in having a voice in town and school affairs.

On the contrary, the pandemic and school consolidation (and the fight not to be consolidated) have arguably increased public awareness of the role individuals can play in their schools and in their communities.

As we’ve all seen time and again, the role individuals play in a community can make a huge difference. That’s as true for a United Way volunteer as it is for a citizen who shows up to vote because they care about the governance of their town or school. It’s the “caring” in that statement that’s important.

If you care about your town and school, then attend the Town Meeting informational meetings (most virtually and on Monday night), or simply read your town report. Then vote this next Tuesday, March 1. It feels good to care. You’ll be happy you did.

Angelo Lynn


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