Letter to the editor: Vax resistance hurts others

I grew up in the early 1950s. Back then everybody got to see the effects of polio on people of all ages.

Kids in heavy metal leg braces. Adults who could no longer take care of their families.

When the vaccine was ready for kids, there was very little pushback, unlike there is today. We lined up in the hall at school and took our turn with the nurse.

Today we are not able to see the ravages of COVID. If you end up in the ICU you are all alone.

I don’t understand the surge of vaccine resistance now. Vaccines work. Educate yourself.

In just a few decades we have controlled many lethal epidemics including malaria, tetanus, smallpox, and tuberculosis.

I heard someone on the news state: “You are taking away my personal freedom with a mandate.” To that I say you do not have the freedom to jeopardize my life or any other person’s life. We already have lots of laws about that.

I have also had my fill of news clips showing sobbing, remorseful people in the ICU with no vaccination. You have had more than enough time to get it right. I say if you get COVID now and are un-vaccinated you are on your own. No hospital care.

You are taking a bed from my family member who had a serious accident.

Alden Harwood


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