No record this year, but rifle season made hunters happy

ASHLIE GEVRY IS all smiles after having this 179-pound buck with a beautiful 11-point rack weighed at Rack ’N Reel in New Haven. Gevry shot the deer in Addison.
Photo courtesy of Rack ’N Reel

ADDISON COUNTY — The county’s rifle deer season fell short of setting a third straight record for number of bucks taken to local reporting stations, but plenty of venison was served or packed into freezers between Nov. 13 and 28.

In all, hunters brought 590 bucks to be weighed at Addison County’s seven wildlife reporting stations after taking them during the 16-day rifle season. The total includes 203 from the opening weekend, and 387 more in the final 14 days.

That number is 57 short of the 2020 total of 647, which remains the high-water mark since 2005, when the Department of Fish and Wildlife changed regulations to ban shooting spikehorn bucks.

It is also just four behind the next best mark, the 594 deer taken in the 2019 rifle season.

The 2021 number stands 17 ahead of the fourth-best rifle season: In 2016 hunters had 573 bucks weighed at a county reporting station.

F&W regulations did allow hunters to take down spikehorns this season, but only in some Addison County areas, notably in Lincoln and parts of Bristol. Only 10 bucks identified by weigh station operators as spikehorns were weighed locally during this rifle season.

F&W Deer Project Leader, Nick Fortin, said Addison County and southern Chittenden County outpaced the rest of the state during rifle season, with results approaching the record harvest of 2020.

“Not to say everywhere else is down,” Fortin added. “Everywhere else is pretty normal.”

He did not expect this year to approach 2020, even locally, because many hunters had more free time due to the pandemic this past year, and conditions were also favorable.

“Nothing’s going to equal last year,” Fortin said. “There were a lot of people out.”


The final rifle total brings the overall number of deer weighed so far this year in the county to 980.

That number includes the 590 bucks taken during the state’s 16-day rifle season; 121 brought down during Youth and Novice Hunting Weekend on Oct. 23 and 24, the second-highest local total on record; 202 deer killed in the first portion of the bow season (Oct. 1 to Nov. 12); and 67 taken on the first portion of the muzzleloader season (Oct. 28 to 31).

Still remaining to add to the county total are the muzzleloader season that will run from Dec. 4 to 12, and the remainder of the archery season, which runs from Nov. 29 to Dec. 15.

Given continued good hunting in those seasons, 2021 could land on the middle to upper end of the following numbers the Independent has compiled over the past five years:

  • In 2020: 1,745 deer (647 rifle, 105 youth/novice, 528 archery, 464 muzzleloader).
  • In 2019: 1,324 deer (594 rifle, 142 youth, 258 archery, 330 muzzleloader).
  • In 2018: 1,345 deer (571 rifle, 110 youth, 274 bow, 390 muzzleloader).
  • In 2017: 1,089 deer (554 rifle, 110 youth, 161 bow, 264 muzzleloader).
  • In 2016: 1,064 deer (573 rifle, 94 youth, 206 bow, 191 muzzleloader).

THIS 196-POUND, 12-point buck that Chris Gordon shot in Bridport had the most anchor points of any deer weighed in Addison County during the recently concluded rifle season.
Photo courtesy Chris Gordon


New Haven’s Rack ’N Reel weighed the most deer taken during rifle season, and also proved to be a magnet for trophy bucks. The most impressive combination of size and antler rack weighed there might have been the 196-pounder with a 12-point rack that Chris Gordon shot in Bridport. It was the only deer weighed locally during rifle season with 12 antler points.

Over the final 13 days, Rack ’N Reel also handled three bucks weighing 200 pounds or more: John Chamberlain took down a 204-pounder with a 6-point rack in Hew Haven, Anthony Porter killed a 200-pounder with an 8-point rack in Hancock, and Daniel Crossman shot a 200-pound, 7-pointer in New Haven.

Double-digit racks were also plentiful at Rack ’N Reel. Ashlie Gevry (179 pounder) and Timothy Godard (170) both brought in 11-pointers they killed in Addison, and Michael Winslow shot a 172-pound, 11-pointer in Weybridge.

Three more had 10-pointers weighed at Rack ’N Reel: Lyle Webb’s 196-pounder shot in Ripton, Christopher Melendy’s 189-pounder killed in New Haven, and Shawn Roscoe’s 142-pounder taken in Bristol.

Buxton’s Store in Orwell handled three trophy bucks over the final 14 days, all shot in Orwell: Zachary Hopkins’ 208-pound, 8-pointer; Alan Christian’s 200-pound, 8-pointer; and Chip Maynard’s 192-pound, 10-pointer.

Also joining the 10-point club was Edward Duval, who shot a 150-pounder in Starksboro and took it to the Lincoln General Store to be weighed.

Steve Ploof at C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury also handled a buck that impressed him, a 197-pounder with a 9-point rack that Ploof described as “the most beautiful I’ve seen” on a Vermont deer.

Four bucks taken during the opening weekend of rifle season and weighed in the county also topped 200 pounds. Kyleigh Dubois shot the largest of the season in Addison and took it to the West Addison General Store, a six-pointer that tipped the scales at 240 pounds.

Rack ’N Reel handled the next two largest bucks, both with impressive racks and both shot in Waltham, a 235-pound, 10-pointer that Dylan Barrows brought down, and a 220-pound, 8-pointer that Kelly Kayhart killed.

Aaron Paquette took down a  201-pound, 7-pointer in Ripton that was weighted at Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury.

The final weigh station is Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol.

The following hunters were successful in the final two weeks of deer rifle season, listed by town of kill, pounds and points (note: shooting spikehorn bucks was legal this year in some areas):


Nick Curtis, Lincoln, 121 pounds-spikehorn; Mark LaBerge, Ripton, 121 pounds-4 points; Robert Patterson, Lincoln, 122-4; Patrick Albertini, Ripton, 103-spikehorn; David Whitcomb, Bristol, 114-spikehorn; Francis Jennings, Starksboro, 131-6; Brian Donnelly, Lincoln, 107-4; David Brown, Lincoln, 106-3; and Edward Duval, Starksboro, 150-10.

Also, Nathaniel Weaver, Huntington, 153-4; Jeffrey Booth, Lincoln, 100-spikehorn; Justin Haselton, Huntington, 147-4; Jameson Huizenga, Monkton, 114-4; Chris McCuin, Hinesburg, 137-8; Roy Catella, Warren, 165-8; Peter Ryan, Lincoln, 114-5; Robert Bordeaux, Buel’s Gore, 180-9; and Bobbi Holbrook, Lincoln, 110-4.

Also, John Bennett, Starksboro, 110-spikehorn; Robert Jimmo, Lincoln, 180-8; Bryan Peck, Ripton, 99-spikehorn; Alan Clark, Lincoln, 175-7; Hunter O’Connor, Lincoln, 113-3; Ben Smith, Starksboro, 155-8; Samuel Rathbun, Lincoln, 145-7; Shawn Laurie, Monkton, 150-4; Matthew Brown, Lincoln, 110-4; and Donnie Sargent, Lincoln, 120-spikehorn.


James Hatch, Panton, 160-5; Harry Duffany, Shoreham, 145-5; Matthew Lawton, Bridport, 138-4; Bryan Nolan, Panton, 160-8; Jamison Bannister, Bridport, 155-6; Ethan Lawrence, Shoreham, 145-3; Ross Armell, Addison, 125-4; Kevin Payne, Shoreham, 175-8; Nathan Fleming, Addison, 123-4; Shawn Richards, Addison, 142-4; and Steven Giard, Shoreham, 175-9.

Also, Nicholas Madison, Shoreham, 170-2; Brendin Roberts, Addison, 128-4; Jessica Laughlin, Ferrisburgh, 120-4; Francis Lalumiere, Bridport, 130-5; John Dugan, Ferrisburgh, 130-5; Joseph Mackey, Bridport, 105-4; Victor Lavoie, Ferrisburgh, 125-5; Zachary Lavoie, Ferrisburgh, 110-3; Steven Roorda, Ripton, 120-2; Ben Paquin, Panton, 135-3; and Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 165-3.


Wendy Garrow, Ripton, 124-2; Ronald DeVoid, Middlebury, 165-6; Saddie Roy, Middlebury, 130-7; Lee Terrier, Cornwall, 146-8; Michael Palmer, Salisbury, 105-4; John Prince, Bethel, 197-9; Raymond Germain, Monkton, 183-6; and Colin Foster, Middlebury, 146-8.

DOROTHY MUZZY IS pleased to show off the 157-pound, 9-pointer she brought down in Ferrisburgh and checked in at Rack ’N Reel.
Photo courtesy of Rack ’N Reel


Lyle Webb, Ripton, 196-10; Harold Atkins, New Haven, 133-8; Sten Bowen, Bolton, 160-8; Paul Jerome, New Haven, 121-6; Michael Audy, New Haven, 147-9; Erin Dalley, Monkton, 166-8; Craig Cheever, Bristol, 127-5; Dorothy Muzzy, Ferrisburgh, 157-9; Leon Demers, New Haven, 106-5; and Michael Shannon, Addison, 101-3.

Also, James Bennett, Waltham, 148-4; Aaron Labell, New Haven, 191-9; Alexandria Brace, Lincoln, 121-6; William Pelland, Monkton, 176-8; Cody Spiegel, Charlotte, 129-4; Michael Coyle, Ferrisburgh, 127-4; Jerry Butler, Bristol, 145-8; Kristin, Butler, Bristol, 145-8; Todd Jennings, New Haven, 125-3; and Tyler Vincellette, Bristol, 186-8.

Also, Roland Stetson, Waltham, 138-7; Matthew Shepard, Lincoln, 171-9; Chad Perlee, New Haven, 163-8; Klancy Dunbar, Addison, 140-5; Dylan Preston, Panton, 176-8; Logan Ambrose, Lincoln, 123-2; Ernest Cousineau, Charlotte, 176-7; Briena Flynn, New Haven, 123-3; Eugene Charlebois, Goshen, 121-2; and Sarah Hutchins, Monkton, 119-7.

Also, Christien Paquin, Addison, 117-5; Shawn Roscoe, Bristol, 143-10; Aaron Clark, New Haven, 120-4; Michael Danyow, New Haven, 156-7; Carter Paquette, Shoreham, 113-7; Coleton Pizzagalli, Huntington, 120-2; Seth Clifford, Starksboro, 115-4; Perry Kilbourn, Ferrisburgh, 187-9; Martin Jerger, Ferrisburgh, 131-7; and Adam Thompson, Starksboro, 140-8.

Also, Randall Potter, Bristol, 155-8; Benjamin Emmons, Starksboro, 169-8; David Hurlburt, Monkton, 153-8; Devin Belisle, Starksboro, 153-5; Michael Winslow, Weybridge, 172-11; Larry Gebo, Ferrisburgh, 196-7; David De Vries, Addison, 140-8; Ashley Brace, Ferrisburgh, 109-4; Louis Brown, Lincoln, 103-2; and Timothy Paquette, Waltham, 102-3.

Also, Eben Clifford, Shoreham, 125-4; Ernest Malzac, Middlebury 115-8; Dyllinger Hygbee, Monkton, 127-5; Dylan St. George, Charlotte, 125-4; Stan Pratt, New Haven, 120-3; Frank Raymond, Middlebury, 132-5; Alan Bessette, Ferrisburgh, 188-6; Dewey Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 148-5; Kyle Charron, Panton, 131-6; and John Palmer, New Haven, 131-6.

Also, Jordan Grant, Addison, 117-4; Duncan Tilford, Ripton, 101-4; Adam Paquin, Panton, 134-4; Jason Markwell, Cornwall, 159-7; Leman Bronson, Monkton, 149-6; Richard Brunet, Waltham, 104-5; Gregory Cousino, New Haven, 149-4; Lee Fortin, Bolton, 134-7; Todd Hunter, Hinesburg, 133-8; and Richard Tracey, New Haven, 118-4.

Also, Thomas Saltus, Panton, 136-6; James Ball, New Haven, 133-7; David Livingston, Bristol, 124-4; Rusty Conant, New Haven, 138-7; Raymond Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 135-4; William Lyons, Charlotte, 101-4; Angela Heath, Starksboro, 140-6; Rogan Jackman, Ferrisburgh, 142-7; Ethan Hallock, Salisbury, 101-2; and Stanley Bigelow, New Haven, 183-8.

Also, Brent Jocelyn, Bristol, 171-8; Ryan West, Addison, 124-4; Nolan Whitcomb, Starksboro, 160-8; Nicholas Cook, Ferrisburgh, 96-4; Tabitha Vincent, New Haven, 143-4; Jeff Chace, Charlotte, 117-3; David Bowers, Bristol, 143-8; Jody Conant, Weybridge, 129-4; Christopher Melendy, New Haven, 189-10; and Alan Whittemore, Ferrisburgh, 128-6.

Also, Travis Bachand, Lincoln, 127-5; Chris Coffey, Monkton, 146-4; Michael Safford, Panton, 117-3; Dale Boisvert, Monkton, 128-4; Colin Jennings, New Haven, 128-3; Harold Masterson, Ripton, 128-4; Juan De La Cruz, Panton, 156-4; Daniel Crossman, New Haven, 200-7; Case Roorda, New Haven, 125-6; and Bradford McKirryher, Waltham, 122-4.

Also, Adam Mackey, Pittsford, 131-4; Chelsea Thomann, Panton, 171-8; Eric Highter, Middlebury, 176-8; John Chamberlain, Hew Haven, 204-6; Zachary Cook, Ferrisburgh, 135-4; Victor Chaput, Ferrisburgh, 135-4; Andre Rheaume, New Haven, 136-5; Phil Livingston, New Haven, 149-5; Scott Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 151-6; and Carl Gile, Bristol, 120-3.

LYLE WEBB SHOT this 196-pound, 10-point trophy buck in Ripton and brought it to be weighed at Rack ’N Reel in New Haven.
Photo courtesy of Rack ’N Reel

Also, Mitchell Jackman, Waltham, 116-4; Douglas Coburn, Bristol, 154-8; Lance Perlee, New Haven, 128-3; Daniel Heath, Bristol, 164-6; Brad Sprague, New Haven, 151-8; Brian Cota, Monkton, 146-4; C. Michael Lefebvre, Ripton, 164-8; Ashlie Gevry, Addison, 179-11; Donald Sisters, Ferrisburgh, 135-3; and Ray Barrows, Middlebury, 109-4.

Also, Timothy Godard, Addison, 170-11; Cooper Harvey, Charlotte, 167-7; Stephen Gutowski, Ferrisburgh, 120-3; Colby Little, Starksboro, 124-6; Sally Torrey, Ferrisburgh, 132-3; Eric Dalley, New Haven, 169-8; Dean Gilmore, New Haven, 130-6; Grant Lewis, Huntington, 131-3; Anthony Porter, Hancock, 200-8; and Kevin Kayhart, Waltham, 179-8.

Also, Caleb Tucker, Salisbury, 154-8; Michael Bingham, Middlebury, 132-6; Kiley Sorrell, Charlotte, 149-6; Paul Kenney, Waltham, 121-4; Eric Sansone, Ferrisburgh, 118-4; Steven Moulton, Starksboro, 197-5; Michael Daniels, Ferrisburgh, 131-6; Lucius Cousino, Bristol, 167-8; Timothy Curtis, Monkton, 119-4; and Christopher Darling, New Haven, 146-7.

Also, Cody Barnum, Lincoln, 111-2; William Heffernan, New Haven, 165-4; Scott Heath, Charlotte, 128-4; Bruce Smith, Monkton, 140-4; Peter Norris, Monkton, 169-8; Logan Bessette, New Haven, 136-3; Cary Tracy, Monkton, 193-8; Tim Butler, Bristol, 180-9; Brandon Curtis, Monkton, 152-5; and Sarah Hill, New Haven, 169-8.

Also, Jody Brown, Lincoln, 193-8; Collin Blier, New Haven, 155-5; Joseph Fortune, Ferrisburgh, 132-6; Wyatt Gracie, Lincoln, 107-3; Randy Cameron, Ferrisburgh, 148-6; Joshua Steadman, New Haven, 144-4; Scott Dobrowolski, Charlotte, 111-8; Katelyn Patenaude, Ferrisburgh, 170-5; Peter Viau, Addison, 161-6; and Chris Gordon, Bridport, 196-12.

Also, Wyatt Lossman, Bristol, 112-3; Mathew Norris, New Haven, 145-7; Sean Hamel, Bristol, 170-8; Jeffrey Jerger, Ferrisburgh, 149-8; Frank Stanley, Monkton, 151-4; Daniel Gaiotti, Salisbury, 136-4; Thomas Torrey, Salisbury, 151-4; Michael Keeler, Middlebury, 145-5; Lewis Lalumiere, South Hero, 162-8; and Richard Gevry, New Haven, 162-6.


Michael Pyle, Bridport, 193-7; Anthony Andrews, Warren, 178-7; Donald Keeler, Middlebury, 177-8; John Fitzpatrick, Cornwall, 175-8; McGregor Butler, Shoreham, 173-8; Todd Seguin, Weybridge, 170-8; Casey Butler, Middlebury, 165-5; Robert James, Weybridge, 155-3; Christopher Leno, Leicester, 150-4; Nick Madison, Shoreham, 150-6; and Matthew Dickerson, Bristol, 150-7.

Also, Jack Bodington, Monkton, 149-7; Thomas Fitzpatrick, Cornwall, 148-8; Richard Giard, Addison, 145-8; Charles Sargent, Middlebury, 143-6; Richard Letourneau, Ripton, 142-7; Colten Butler, Middlebury, 140-8; Michael Taylor, New Haven, 140-8; Mark Torrey, Addison, 139-6; Ian Ploof, Middlebury, 138-6; Steve Hutchinson, Bristol, 138-8; and Rodney Bourdeau, Salisbury, 138-8.

Also, Stephen Pratt, Bridport, 137-5; Samuel Smith, Middlebury, 135-5; Andrew Hutchinson, Leicester, 135-7; Sara Kelley, Weybridge, 135-6; Robert Cole, Leicester, 135-9; Kelly Torrey, Salisbury, 128-5; Tristan Stearns, Shoreham, 127-3; Timothy Laframboise, Cornwall, 127-3; Justin Stone, Pittsford, 127-7; Paris Rinder-Goddard, Middlebury, 125-6; and Mark Smith, Salisbury, 125-8.

Also, Mark Deering, Bridport, 122-4; Justin Seguin, Weybridge, 120-4; Anthony Rochon, Cornwall, 120-6; William Alexander, Cornwall, 120-6; Sierra Dessureault, New Haven, 120-4; Justin Donnelly, Middlebury, 116-4; Patrick Deering, Cornwall, 115-4; Gene Torrey, Salisbury, 113-4; Kip Kimball, Salisbury, 111-4; andTravis Cram, Weybridge, 108-3.

Also, Paul Deering, Weybridge, 105-4; Devin Dwire, Salisbury, 105-4; Michael Betourney, Bridport, 105-4; Steve Eastman, Leicester, 104-4; Greg Whitney, West Rutland, 100-6; Johnathan Thresher, Ripton, 100-2; Christopher Pike, Ripton, 97-2; Gregory Gearwar, Brandon, 95-3; and Ronald Berthiaume, Salisbury, 90-6.


Nolan Quenneville, Cornwall, 195-8; Chip Maynard, Orwell, 192-10; Justin Quenneville, Orwell, 120-4; Tim Booska, Orwell, 125-6; Kevin Van De Weert, Orwell, 125-4; Tanner Burns, Shoreham, 165-9; Ben Alger, Orwell, 160-8; Delbert Frazer Jr., West Haven, 128-3; Hannah Gendreau, Orwell, 138-3; and James McCray, Shoreham, 170-8.

Also, Steve Bruyneel, Orwell, 147-6; Sawyer Pierpont, Salisbury, 164-6; Kira Kemp, Sudbury, 144-8; Hunter Birchmore, Whiting, 155-7; Paul Manley, Goshen, 105-2; Ryan Fraser, Shoreham, 121-3; Bruce Bishop, Orwell, 132-3; Augustus Lucas, Orwell, 157-8; Alexander Barrows, Bridport, 120-6; and Clinton Snyder, Orwell, 129-6.

Also, John Lynch, Castleton, 145-4; Kenneth Lenz, Castleton, 129-7; Jacob Kemp, Sudbury, 178-6; Jesse Wilbur, Orwell, 148-3; Joe Russell, Orwell, 177-6; Jeff Hornbeck, Whiting, 145-7; Lyndon Martin, Sudbury, 105-4; Kevin Stocker, Bridport, 122-3; Alan Christian, Orwell, 200-8; Zakk Williams, Whiting, 142-9; and Larry Vladyka, Benson, 140-3.

Also, Chris Ross, West Haven, 160-8; David Hanson, Cornwall, 140-4; Eric Hall, Brandon, 137-8; John Lynch, Castleton, 165-5; Steve Myrick, Bridport, 131-5; Allen Alger Jr., Orwell, 145-5; Gregory Raymond, Cornwall, 157-8; James Dragon, Sudbury, 165-8; Aaron King, Orwell, 172-5; Darren Ouellette, Shoreham, 134-7; and Chris Nicholson, Clarendon, 129-6.

Also, John Williams, Whiting, 117-6; Tyler Barber, Shoreham, 164-7; Zachary Hopkins, Orwell, 208-8; Armond Gevry, West Haven, 120-6; James Vladyka, Benson, 141-4; Randall Strong, Shoreham, 180-6; Larry Bishop III, Shoreham, 192-8; Brandon Eastman, Orwell, 138-4; Brandon Parker, Fair Haven, 178-7; and Stephen Ostes, Benson, 165-3.

Also, Matt Mulcahy, Sudbury, 176-5; Kyle Ellis, West Haven, 126-6; Dan Redondo, Orwell, 104-4; James Carmichael, Shoreham 122-5; Terry Norris, Shoreham, 157-8; Cooper Laroche, Middlebury, 136-4; Bob Douglas, Shoreham, 162-5; Stephen Blaise, Leicester, 145-5; Carter Audet, Orwell, 184-9; Thomas Lloyd, Orwell, 165-7; and Paul Parent, Orwell, 165-7.

Also, Nathaniel Young, Orwell, 187-8; 130-4; Riley Keith, Sudbury, 124-6; Jim Werbinski, Hubbardton, 167-9; Bob Almeida, Orwell, 186-7; Bret Williams, Sudbury, 115-5; Brady New, Sudbury, 130-6; Levi Booska, Orwell, 145-3; Andre Fletcher, Orwell, 170-8; Cory Steady, Cornwall, 142-4; and Steve Senesac, Orwell, 176-7.

Also, Dominic Cillo, Hubbardton, 115-7; Chris Groman, Whiting, 146-4; Jonathan Lucas, Orwell, 163-5; Peter Young, Orwell, 159-7; Therran Leggett, Orwell, 150-5; Brett Wood, Shoreham, 135-4; Kristin, Nolan, Shoreham, 125-4; Pam Bedard, Cornwall, 164-9; Dylan Racine, Starksboro, 110-2; Gabe LaBerge, Shoreham, 171-7; James Payne, Cornwall, 115-6; and Ava Wood, Shoreham, 135-5.


Jason Hartnett, Starksboro, 101-5; Michael Betourney, Salisbury, 155-8; James Waite, Starksboro, 109-4; Will Forbes, New Haven, 135-4; Derek Whitcomb, Bristol, 125-4; Austin Lafayette, Lincoln, 129-6; Dhyan Nirnegh, Huntington, 143-4; Alice Johnson, Charlotte, 115-4; Pernell Bedell, Bristol, 113-4; and Sarah Briggs, New Haven, 119-3.

Also, Larry Butler, New Haven, 160-7; Thomas Lathrop, Starksboro, 136-5; George Cardy, Stowe, 98-spikehorn; Matthew Myers, Bristol, 144-8; Harvey Farr, Starksboro, 193-8; Brian Fox, Bristol, 180-9; Mark Bedell, Bristol, 153-8; David Patterson, Lincoln, 118-spikehorn; Thaddeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 144-7; and Ambrose Cousino, Weybridge, 110-3.

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