Slower December wraps mostly solid year for deer

Although not many hunters were happy after December’s deer muzzleloader and archery seasons, overall 2021 remains the fifth most productive year for deer hunting in Addison County since 2005.

Letter to the editor: Deer hunter shares venison

Last Thursday’s paper had an exceptional photo of Dorothy Muzzy with her 9-pointer, which she landed on the last day of hunting season. What the photo does not show is the phone call she made just a few days later.

No record this year, but rifle season made hunters happy

The county’s rifle deer season fell short of setting a third straight record for number of bucks taken to local reporting stations, but plenty of venison was served or packed into freezers between Nov. 13 and 28.

Novice hunters bag some bucks

Young and first-time hunters combined to bring 121 deer to Addison County’s seven wildlife reporting stations after going out during Youth Hunting Weekend on Oct. 23 and 24.

Bow and muzzleloader hunters bag lots of deer

Local hunters once again in 2021 took advantage of the Department of Fish & Wildlife’s October-November archery and October muzzleloader seasons, bringing in 269 deer to be weighed at one of Addison County’s seven wildlife reporting stations.

Deer hunters are smiling at local weigh stations

Once again, the region’s deer hunters appear to have gotten off to a successful start in 2021, although it looks like they might not be on a pace to set a record annual harvest for the fourth straight season.

Vermont hunters asked to help collect deer teeth

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is asking hunters for help in a statewide initiative to gather more biological data on the state’s deer population.

Rifle deer season opens Saturday

Hunters are gearing up for the start of Vermont’s traditionally popular 16-day regular deer season that begins Saturday, Nov. 13, and ends Sunday, Nov. 28.

Hunters asked to help with sighting survey

The survey asks hunters to record how many hours they hunted and how many deer, moose, bears, or other wildlife they saw on each day of the regular November deer season.

Young hunters asked to help officials

Hunters who harvest a deer during Vermont’s youth and novice deer weekend are encouraged to bring it to one of 19 biological reporting stations to help state wildlife biologists gather data on the health of Vermont’s deer population.

Game reporting guidelines for Vermont

Vermont hunters will be able to report turkeys and some deer they harvest this fall online through the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s website.

Dear Homeward Bound: Staying safe in hunting season

What are some things I can do keep my dog safe when we are in the woods?

Some hunting kills can be reported online

Vermont hunters will be able to report turkeys and some deer they harvest this fall online through the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s website

Novice hunting weekend approaches

Hunters embarking on their first deer season are encouraged to take advantage of Vermont’s second annual novice weekend on the  Oct. 23 and 24.

State defines rules for annual archery season

Vermont’s archery deer hunting season runs at two different times this year: Oct. 1 to Nov. 12 and Nov. 29 to Dec. 15.