Starksboro’s municipal tax rate declines

STARKSBORO — This year’s municipal tax rate in Starksboro is the lowest it’s been in at least four years.

The town selectboard has set the fiscal year 2021-22 municipal tax rate at $0.5987 per $100 of assessed property value — a decrease of  $0.023, or 3.7%.

The new rate, which also includes $0.0012 to raise the amount granted as an exemption for disabled veterans, is a hair lower than it was for FY 2018-19.

The town’s residential education tax rate also went down. The FY22 rate of $1.7486 is a half-penny, or 0.3%, lower than last year.

Starksboro’s nonresidential education tax rate, on the other hand, has gone up. The FY22 rate of $1.732 is $0.0136, or 0.8%, higher than last year.

The total property tax rate for Starksboro residents is $2.3473, a decrease of $0.0288, or 1.2%, from last year.

The total nonresidential tax rate is $2.3307, a decrease of $0.0094, or 0.4%, from last year.

Starksboro’s common level of appraisal (CLA), as reported by the Vermont Department of Taxes, decreased by 1.67 points to 93.07.

Residents paying on the full value of their property will see a tax decrease of $28.80 per $100,000 of assessed value, and nonresidents will see a decrease of $9.40.

Starksboro residents who pay based on their incomes are very likely to receive prebates for a portion of their school tax bills, and some will also receive municipal tax credits.

In 2020 425 of the town’s house sites received tax credits totaling $620,745, or an average of $1,461.

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