Letter to the editor: Gray has the right stuff to be lieutenant governor

Molly Gray is exactly the right person that Vermont needs now to be our next Lieutenant Governor — intelligent, grounded in the Vermont experience, but with a level of international exposure that has prepared her to tackle the job.
Molly will bring an energy to the job that will highlight the things that need to be done to put Vermont’s business in a great position to succeed. Her experience in the challenging fields of human rights law and humanitarian aid in difficult circumstances for the International Committee of the Red Cross gives her an edge in figuring out how to overcome roadblocks to ensure timely delivery of success. For Vermont, this will translate into a sharp focus on broadband coverage that will enable businesses to succeed, from online ordering of Vermont’s famous farm-raised products, to managing our businesses and employees remotely while being able to communicate with the world. Reliable broadband will also be essential to the future of education, giving Vermont a leadership role in that field.
There is no doubt that being brought up on a farm, like my own children, gives Molly an advantage in understanding what is required to work hard, be reliable, and have a clear vision of success, no matter what life throws at you.
I have already voted for Molly and I think she will help to move Vermont forward.
John Roberts

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