Letter to the editor: Jerome works hard in office

The residents of Brandon, Pittsford and Sudbury are so very lucky to have Stephanie Jerome as our Representative in Montpelier. Stephanie’s hard-working ethic, integrity and genuine desire to help people makes her the perfect legislator. It is well known that Stephanie has the education, intelligence and experience to do the job. But what Stephanie also has is the compassion, the resourcefulness, and the drive to kick it up a notch.
It is her caring nature that makes Stephanie stand out in the field. Whenever I have contacted her with a question or concern about myself or a family member — about job resources, unemployment or health insurance coverage, Stephanie has responded immediately with information and credible help, even if the person was not living in her district.
During the early confusing days of the pandemic, I saw Stephanie work 12+ hour days. If you can call it a reward for a job well done — Stephanie was appointed to lead the Legislative Action Team, a coalition of 25 legislators who volunteered to help constituents get through the Department of Labor system and receive unemployment benefits. That team helped more than 2,300 Vermonters, including a member of my family. The appointment of a freshman legislator to chair that group under widespread pressure and stress is pretty impressive. Stephanie’s good work reaches far beyond our three towns’ borders and it knows no political aisles.
I’m proud to call Stephanie a friend, neighbor, and my Representative to Montpelier. She will have my vote in November.  
Janet Mondlak

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