9-year-old backs Ilsley renovations

I think that making a new library and doing all the renovations would be a nice change for Ilsley Library to get more light and comfortable spots. And I think that everybody would enjoy it very much if they voted for a new library. It will cost a lot of money to renovate the library, but it will be completely worth it because a library is a special place. It is a really nice area for kids and grownups alike to enjoy the pleasure of reading books.

Although the library has estimated $17 million for the update and even though it is a large sum of money, the property owners in Middlebury would each be estimated to be paying around a few hundred dollars more each year for 20 years, to borrow the $4,387,000. The government and other sources will be paying a good amount of money for the renovations.

Why should you vote for the new library? As I said before this, the library is a special place where everybody can relax and read. This is important because some of us have lots of passion for reading and if you do not have certain books at home it will overjoy some people to be able to have a library where you can spend a lot of time reading where there are comfortable spots, for instance, in front of the fireplace that will be built. And if you are a child it will be awesome for you to have lots of comfy areas to read.

And if you are asking why is reading so important, reading is important because for little kids it will help their brain development and for average aged children it will give them new knowledge about many things such as animals, geography and much more. And even as a grownup you can have much fun reading and learn new stuff that you hadn’t even known before.

And there will be meeting rooms and study rooms with computers and different sections for lots of different things such as study, reading, meeting groups and basically anything you can do in the library.

In conclusion, if you vote for the library on Tuesday, May 7, you will make many people happy and yourself as well.

Mila Jimenez, age nine


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