Ilsley’s storied history unfurled in scavenger hunt

While Ilsley Public Library boosters are seeking to write a new chapter in the Middlebury institution’s 100-year history — one they hope will be based on a major makeover of the institution’s longtime headquarters at 75 Main St. — they’re also asking patrons to take a trip down memory lane to appreciate the long history and progression of public literacy programs in the county’s shire town.

Local doctor describes how we combat perfectionism among girls and women

LOCAL PHYSICIAN NAOMI Hodde will give a talk called “On Being Enough: Combating Perfectionism Through Self-Compassion,” at Ilsley Library on March 19.

Letter to the editor: Ilsley project merits support

The library is an amazing regional resource, used by residents of many towns surrounding Middlebury.

Ilsley project’s tax impact shaved

When Middlebury voters endorsed a local option tax back in 2008, they saw it as a means by which neighbors and visitors would help pay off debt on the $16 million Cross Street Bridge. Sixteen years later, the local option tax has been paying even bigger d … (read more)

Bank offers temporary home to Ilsley Library

NBM President Caroline Carpenter has invited Ilsley Public Library to temporarily relocate its public facing operations — rent-free — to the first floor of the bank’s historic Duclos building.

Editorial: Taxpayers get great news

It’s not often any town’s taxpayers get such good news. But that happened recently when the Middlebury selectboard learned the proposed $16.4 million rebuild of Middlebury’s Ilsley Library might be accomplished with a $4.5 million bond vote.

Letter to the editor: Library project merits support

Consider: What social institution is now and has historically been the most successful at improving the lives of the general public, while at the same time harboring little to no harm and trouble?

Psychology professor to speak on “Embracing Solitude” at Ilsley Library on Tuesday

In an AAUW talk titled “Embracing Solitude for Psychological Well Being” at Ilsley Library on Tuesday, Middlebury College Prof. Gina Thomas at diverse reactions that the prospect of being alone elicits. 

Ilsley project costs rise; May 7 bond vote eyed

Architects are firming up plans for a major expansion and renovation of Middlebury’s Ilsley Library, with May 7 tentatively flagged for a local bond vote.

Anna Fugaro: Art from a lifetime of memories

From floor to ceiling, Anna Fugaro’s Middlebury living space is filled with her own artwork, as well as her mother’s paintings and countless photos.

See a local film on how it feels to have Alzheimer’s

Learn about the disease in a documentary film by a local woman who knows first hand. Plus there will be experts and caregivers there to lead a discussion.

Weybridge, Middlebury mull library partnership

Weybridge residents at their annual town meeting next March will be asked if they’d like to become patrons of Middlebury’s Ilsley Public Library, at a cost of around $25,000 per year.

Planners ironing out wrinkles in Ilsley update

Leaders of Middlebury’s Ilsley Public Library have coalesced around a two-story makeover of the 75 Main St. facility that wouldn’t result in any loss of parking spots. They’re tentatively suggesting a May 7, 2024, date to hold a bond vote on the project.

Local shares insights from international health career

The Middlebury AAUW and Ilsley Public Library will host a presentation by women’s health nurse practitioner Linda Andrews, MPH on “Sharing Lessons Learned Working in International Reproductive Health Programs.”

Letter to the editor: Recent crisis spoke volumes

A few days ago, we were in the Ilsley Public Library and witnessed a medical incident in the lobby that was disturbing. The staff responded quickly to call 911 and the medics arrived and brilliantly handled the medical needs.