Building the library of the future: Ilsley’s Media Lab is a modern-day secret passage

A few weeks ago, a young library patron, perhaps five or six years old, told me quite seriously that the new library should have a secret passage.

Opinion: Media Lab to the rescue!

When the editor of the national beekeeping magazine that I regularly write for asked me to start recording audio versions of my articles so folks could scan and listen to them, I was again able to make use of the DML to accomplish this task.

Help sought in guiding Ilsley update

An ad hoc committee looking for long-term fixes to the Ilsley Library’s space woes has identified four potential solutions that will be part of a broader public information campaign, kicking off on Nov. 16 with the first of two forums.

A top advocate presents picture of Vt’s child care landscape Tuesday at Ilsley

Let’s Grow Kids CEO Aly Richards will deliver an AAUW talk titled “Vermont’s Child Care Campaign: Systems Change in Action.” on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Ilsley Library.

Recreating Star Wars, one scene at a time

This past summer, more than 45 teams “donned Jedi robes, built protocol droids, and learned lightsaber skills,” as the Media Factory put it, to create the final product, which will premiere at a series of outdoor screenings around the state next week.

Building the library of the future: The library is a ‘third space’

In 1991, urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg coined the term “third space” to describe the neutral, public places in our lives that are not home (first space) or work/school (second space).

Opinion: Library is ‘my second home’

I met my best friends at the library, but I didn’t know it then. I don’t really remember the music or yoga classes that much, but I do remember watching plays and listening to the librarians read stories every summer.

Ilsley Library makeover gains some momentum

A team working on major upgrades to Middlebury’s Ilsley Library continues to meet, gather information and root out potential funding sources in hopes of potentially presenting the community with a bond request in Nov. 2024.

Building the library of the future: Range of programs builds community

I often describe the library as a community center, and programs that build community connections are an important part of that.

Opinion: Ilsley workshop spurs creativity of poets

A library — the best kind of library — can give something back. The library can make books.

Eckles transforms her art into fashion statements

In the exhibit “Come What May,” on display through April 30 at Isley Pubic Library, painter Alice Eckels showcases her work, both as paintings and as wearable art.

Ilsley and Otter Creek Child Center eye federal funds

Proponents of two major building proposals in downtown Middlebury are hoping to secure millions in federal grant money to help underwrite their projects, both of which would they say will serve the public good.

Dana Hart: Libraries bring life to stories, public spaces

The breadth and depth of the programs libraries offer might surprise you, and today I’m going to talk about a relatively recent library program: Books on Sticks.

Opinion: Books on Sticks benefit us all

Throughout the seasons, I often look out my kitchen window and see neighbors wandering up Harrow Way as they read the most recent children’s book on wooden stakes.

Psych prof discusses how to respond to science denial

AAUW and Ilsley Library are hosting a Zoom presentation on Tuesday, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m., by author and Middlebury College Professor Emerita of Psychology Barbara Hofer.