Letter to the editor: Siegel is the best choice for lt. governor

While all the candidates in the Lt. Governor’s race have made positive contributions to our public life, I will be supporting Brenda Siegel in the upcoming Democratic primary. In my mind, Brenda has shown her commitment through her life’s work and consistent advocacy for key policies that would achieve greater economic security, social justice and environmental sustainability for Vermonters.
Brenda understands that even before our pandemic, it was not acceptable for almost 40% of Vermonters to be either uninsured or underinsured, struggling with out-of-pocket costs that deter them from seeking the health care they so urgently need. Brenda is a strong supporter of health care as a human right, starting as a first step with making primary care a universal public good with no out-of-pocket costs. As we now know, those without access to primary care are suffering disproportionately in the COVID-19 pandemic, underscoring why this is an important need. 
Brenda is also unequivocal in supporting a progressive tax structure, and reversing the Trump tax cuts on the wealthy on a state level, something that deprives the state of needed revenue in our difficult times. Finally, she is also committed to resolving once and for all the problem of broadband access for all Vermonters, essential for our economic health and as we have seen, even for education.
With her clear commitment to these issues as well as to racial and environmental justice, she will be a powerful advocate for Vermonters. Her experience as a low-income person has informed her view, and she also has the breadth of analysis to understand that to achieve justice we must strive for systemic changes that give power back to people, rather than to corporations and the wealthy.
Ellen Oxfeld

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