Letter to the editor: Gaza suffers for sins of Hamas

I am horrified at the collective punishment now being meted out to the civilians of Gaza.

Letter to the editor: Insurance plan merger is a bad idea

We recently learned that Vermont Blue Cross Blue Shield would like to merge its operations with Michigan Blue Cross. This is alarming news, and our Department of Financial Regulation should not allow this merger to take place.

Letter to the editor: Off-campus student housing creating problems

It was extremely disappointing to learn that both the town selectboard and the college have strayed from the spirit of our Town Plan by allowing for the conversion of several town residences into student housing.

Letter to the editor: ACSD needs broad thinkers like Doria, McCallum

In the March 1 election, we should all support Jamie McCallum and Joanna Doria in the race for Addison Central School Board.

Letter to the editor: Mask mandate not burdensome

I urge the selectboard of Middlebury to reconsider its decision not to impose a mask mandate for public indoor spaces in Middlebury.

Letter to the editor: Federal review was wasteful

We recently learned that the federal government has notified the state of Vermont that the enrollment targets for all-payer model (and thus the Accountable Care Organization, OneCare) are both “unattainable” and “unnecessary.”

Letter to the editor: Vax effort is how to deliver care

Let’s hope Vermont is looking in the rearview mirror at the coronavirus pandemic. Have we learned anything about health care?Most people agree that Vermont did better than most states at controlling the spread of the virus, and now, with 80% of the eligib … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Siegel is the best choice for lt. governor

While all the candidates in the Lt. Governor’s race have made positive contributions to our public life, I will be supporting Brenda Siegel in the upcoming Democratic primary. In my mind, Brenda has shown her commitment through her life’s work and consist … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Healthcare still unaffordable

“What if there was a prolonged illness in the family? Should I be pacified by the fact that I only have to come up with $15,000 out of my own pocket to pay for it, before insurance contributes (on top of the $9,000 I’m paying in premiums)?” This quote is … (read more)