Hunters happy with muzzleloader season

FRAN JENNINGS SHOWS off the 152-pound, seven-pointer that he killed in Starksboro during the recently ended muzzleloader season.

Hunters were saying there wasn’t a lot of fat on them … But they all seemed to be good healthy deer.
— Vermont Field Sports Manager Greg Boglioli

ADDISON COUNTY — December’s combined muzzleloader and archery season for deer proved to be the second-best for Addison County in the past seven years, with 330 deer weighed at the county’s seven wildlife reporting stations. 
That nine-day season that ended on Sunday also tied the bow on a hugely successful 2019 for Addison County’s deer hunters, but one that fell just short of the record heights of 2018.
In all, including the archery season that lasted most of October and touched November, Youth Hunting Weekend in early November, the 16-day rifle season, and the recent muzzleloader-bow season, hunters brought 1,324 deer to a county weigh station this year.
Despite the fact 2019 produced many happy hunters, tales to tell, and full freezers, that overall total fell just short of 2018’s post-2005 record take of 1,345.
Still, this year’s local Youth Hunting Weekend total of 142 was the highest in at least 25 years, and November’s county total of 594 bucks taken during rifle season broke a record set in 2016 for the most since 2005, when wildlife officials banned shooting spikehorn bucks in the season. 
However, while a plentiful herd and generally cooperative weather helped hunters out, the average weight of bucks taken during rifle season dropped this year to 140.2 pounds, according to Independent calculations. 
Typically local average buck weights from rifle season come in between 144 and 146 pounds, per Independent numbers over the past two decades. In 2018 they spiked up to 147.6, but in 2017 they were around 141 pounds. 
In 2019 the range in which most bucks weighed in was between 130 and 139 pounds (101 deer), while in most years the most populated weight range is between 140 and 149 pounds (84 deer this rifle season). 
In 2018 the most populated rifle-season weight range was 150-159 pounds, while this year 86 bucks landed in that range. 
Experts offered some theories to explain the lower weights. Greg Boglioli, manager of Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury, said the numbers appeared to be in line with what he and hunters had been seeing, despite plentiful feed.
“Hunters were saying there wasn’t a lot of fat on them,” Boglioli said, adding, “But they all seemed to be good, healthy deer.”
Both Boglioli and Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife Deer Project Leader Nick Fortin said it could be that hunters were shooting less mature bucks. 
“The most likely reason for the weight fluctuations is variation in the ages of deer being harvested,” Fortin wrote in an email. “If more younger deer are harvested, average weights would be lower, or vice versa.” 
Fortin also noted this past winter was long and could have been tough on the deer herd, although he was skeptical about the climate impact in Addison County “because there is so much agricultural food” in much of the area. 

The overall county weigh-station totals between 2010 and 2015 have ranged from a low of 671 deer in 2011 to this year’s high of 1,345.
The full scan for deer weighed in the county during this and previous nine years stands at:
• In 2019, 1,324 deer (594 rifle, 142 youth, 258 archery, 330 muzzleloader).
• In 2018, 1,345 deer (571 rifle, 110 youth, 274 bow, 390 muzzleloader).
• In 2017, 1,189 deer (554 rifle, 110 youth, 161 bow, 264 muzzleloader). 
• In 2016, 1,064 deer (573 rifle, 94 youth, 206 bow, 191 muzzleloader). 
• In 2015, 772 deer (444 rifle, 78 youth, 206 bow, 44 muzzleloader). No muzzleloader doe permits were issued that year after a harsher winter. 
• In 2014, 724 (359 rifle, 107 youth, 152 bow, 106 muzzleloader).
• In 2013, 807 (421 rifle, 109 youth, 132 bow, 145 muzzleloader). 
• In 2012, 875 (405 rifle, 124 youth, and 346 combined bow/muzzleloader). 
• In 2011, 671 (329 rifle, 110 youth, 232 bow/muzzleloader).
• In 2010, 1,021 (428 rifle, 95 youth weekend, 498 bow/muzzleloader).  

During the combined muzzleloader/archery season Chris Hanson brought down the largest trophy animal, a 187-pound, six-point buck that he shot in Orwell and had weighed in Buxton’s Store. Storeowner Andy Buxton noted that Hanson also won the Orwell shop’s rifle-season buck pool. 
Arguably the deer with the nicest antler racks weighed locally this month were three 9-pointers: a 155-pounder that Larry Hoskins shot in Huntington and brought to the Lincoln General Store, a 129-pounder that Paul Jerome killed in Lincoln and took to Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol, and a 140-pounder that Tom Lathrop  took in Starksboro and also had weighed at Green Mountain Trails End.
The largest buck taken during all the seasons also boasted an impressive rack. During rifle season Kody Ploof shot a 219-pound, 9-pointer in New Haven and had it weighed at New Haven’s Rack ’N Reel.
Between Dec. 7 and 15 the following hunters had deer weighed at Vermont Field Sports, Buxton’s Store, Rack ’N Reel, Green Mountain Trails End, C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury, Lincoln General Store, or West Addison General Store. They are listed with the town of kill and deer details, pounds or pounds and points if an antlered buck. 

Eric Bliven, Brandon, doe 105; Tammy Coburn, Salisbury, fawn 55; Jonathan Pratt, Cornwall, fawn 75; Jesse Otis, Middlebury, doe 123; Johnathan Thresher, Salisbury, doe 120; Justin Malzac, Middlebury, doe 110; Peter Funk, Cornwall, doe 120; Ricky Dwyer, Weybridge, doe 125; Darcy Trudeau, Salisbury, doe 111; and Matthew Cram, Salisbury, doe 110.
Also, Wayne Rainey, Middlebury, fawn 62; Brandon Keyes, Shoreham, fawn 51; David Doria, Goshen, fawn 63; Anthony Rochon, Cornwall, fawn 75; Joshua Barrett, Ripton, doe 97; Shawn Gero, Cornwall, doe 114; Timothy Whitney, Shoreham, doe 133; Fred Raymond, Brandon, buck 120-4; Devin Dwire, Salisbury, doe 120; and Derek Bagley, Shoreham, doe 112.
Also, Anthony Rochon, Middlebury, doe 110; Shawn Gero, Cornwall, buck 132-5; Tyler Pockette, Salisbury, fawn 54; Henry Babcock, Whiting, doe 167; Amanda Pennell, Salisbury, fawn 70; Mark Raishart, Leicester, doe 110; Joseph Charest, Ripton, doe 90; Christopher Gordon, Bridport, doe 135; Josh Kennett, Addison, doe 120; and Justin Seguin, Weybridge, buck 137-6.
Also, Todd Seguin, Cornwall, doe 127; James Payne, Bridport, doe 110; Stewart Smith, Leicester, doe 114; Tammy Jackson, Middlebury, doe 114; Wayne Rainey, Salisbury, doe 97; Mark Gebo, Salisbury, buck 161-7; Edward Galvin, Salisbury, doe 125; Nicholas Carrara, Middlebury, fawn 70; and David Kenyon, Salisbury, buck 115-3. 
Also, Scott Whitman, Middlebury, doe 100; Mark Allen, Cornwall, doe 124; Todd Dietrich, New Haven, doe 115; Brett Bassett, New Haven, doe 117; Charles Sargent, Weybridge, doe 117; Martin Landon, Weybridge, doe 146; Jamie Montague, Weybridge, doe 100; and Philip Cyr, Bridport, doe 128.

Dustin Haselton, Lincoln, doe 108; Lance Desautels, Lincoln, buck 150-7; Ed Lafayette, Lincoln, doe 118; Brad Palmer, Lincoln, doe 100; Ron Bovat, Ripton, buck 145-6; Jody Atkins, Lincoln, doe 92; Jeff Mayo, New Haven, doe 115; Austin Lafayette, Lincoln, doe 136; Larry Hoskins, Huntington, 155-9; Bernard Young, Huntington, doe 118; and Todd Roscoe, Starksboro, doe 74.
Also, Shawn Roscoe, Starksboro, doe 116; Ben Smith, Lincoln, doe 122; Adam Thompson, Granville, buck 165-7; Joshua Kruger, Richmond, fawn 61; Jody Brown, Lincoln, buck 115-4; Richard Antone, Williston, buck 136-3; Roger Reginaud, New Haven, doe 120; Randy Little, Huntington, doe 117; Chad Murray, Hinesburg, doe 110; and Gary Murray, Hinesburg, doe 103.
Also, Trevor Conant, doe 114; John Chamberlain, New Haven, doe 113; Joseph Russell, Lincoln, fawn 100; Grant Lewis, Huntington, doe 108; David Jerome, Lincoln, 152-8; Brian Russin, Huntington, doe 128; Shawn West, Huntington, doe 118; and Andrew Bissonette, Bristol; doe 120. 

Charles Bradford, Addison, doe 150; Kevin Sullivan, Panton, doe 145; Dwayne Roberts, Bridport, doe 141; Gabriel LaBerge, Shoreham, buck 140-3; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, doe 139; Francis Lalumiere, Weybridge, doe 135; Kevin Sullivan, Panton, doe 135; Richard Shimel, Bridport, doe 132; Kyle Charron, Panton, doe 121; Evan Fleming, Ferrisburgh, doe 120; Andrew Warren, Bridport, buck 120; Timothy Nolan, Panton, doe 120; Ben Paquin, Panton, doe 119; 
Also, Isaac Preston, Ferrisburgh, doe 116; Timothy Blanchard, Addison, doe 114; Ricky Putnam, Bridport, doe 110; Raymond Cousineau, Addison, doe 110; Steve Fifield, Cornwall, buck 110; Quinton Brown, Shoreham, 110 doe; Charles Welch, Bridport, 107 doe; Chris Bingham, Cornwall, doe 106; Jenna Paquin, Panton, buck 101; Kenneth Sullivan, Panton, doe 90; Maxwell Flynn, Bridport, doe 80; and Horace Richards, doe 70. 

Chris Hanson, Orwell, buck 187-6; Dylan Ryan, Orwell, buck 160-4; Kevin Eddy, Orwell, buck 150-6; Lawrence Bishop, Shoreham, buck 150-6; Will Madison, Shoreham, doe 148; Ron Parent, Orwell, buck 148-3; Tyler Barber, Shoreham, doe 148; James Vladyka, Bridport, doe 146; John Lowell, Orwell, doe 145; Tim Davis, Cornwall, doe 144; and Wyatt Traverse, Shoreham, doe 143.
Also, William Shouldice, Benson, buck 142-6; Michael Matot, Shoreham, buck 140-4; Steven Bourgeois, Cornwall, doe 140; Gregory Raymond, Cornwall, doe 140; James Vladyka, Benson, doe 139; Christopher Mongeur, Fair Haven, doe 138; Delbert Frazier, Orwell, doe 138; Douglas Tracy, Shoreham, doe 137; Austin Bruno, West Haven, buck 137-3; and Jason D’Avignon, Orwell, buck 136-3.
Also, Chad Ringey, Cornwall, doe 135; Tatyanna Bragdon, Shoreham, doe 135; Chris Lafountaine, Shoreham, doe 133; Tim McCullough, Shoreham, doe 133; Eric Manning, Shoreham, doe 133; Gerard Jordan, Benson, doe 133; Daniel Desforges, Orwell, doe 132; Kevin Jones, Benson, doe 132; Jesse Booska, Orwell, doe 130; Michael Gerace, Orwell, doe 128; and Eric Russell, Orwell, doe 126.
Also, Dylan D’Avignon, Orwell, buck 126-3; Christopher Mongeur, Shoreham, buck 126-4; Austin Morin, Shoreham, doe 126; Mark Gebo, Orwell, doe 125; Warren Ringey, Orwell, doe 125; Fred Hotte, Shoreham, doe 125; Timothy Smith, Brandon, buck 125-6; Dylan Ryan, Orwell, doe 125; Bruce Bishop, Orwell, doe 125; Delbert Frazier, West Haven, doe 123; and Thomas Laviolette, Orwell, doe 123.
Also, David Andrews, Shoreham, doe 123; Kevin Stocker, Bridport, buck 122; Daniel Forcier, West Haven, doe 121; Jeffrey Disorda, Benson, doe 121; Evan Bragdon, Bridport, doe 120; William Alexander, Cornwall, doe 120; Joseph Russell, Orwell, doe 120; Tyler Hotte, Bridport, doe 120; Caden Reed, Orwell, doe 120; Daniel Ellis, Orwell, doe 119; and Seth Galarneau, Benson, doe 118.
Also, Garrett Given, Shoreham, doe 118; Dennis Cummings, Orwell, doe 118; Michael Eastman, Benson, doe 118; William Alexander, Cornwall, buck 116-3; Dylan D’Avignon, Orwell, doe 116; Charles Bourgeois, Shoreham, doe 113; Evelyn Palmer, Orwell, doe 112; Jacob Clifford, Orwell, doe 112; Justin Quenneville, Cornwall, doe 110; and Warren Ringey, Orwell, doe 110.
Also, Michael Eastman, Benson, doe 110; Alan Christian, Orwell, doe 105; Stephen Blaise, Rutland, doe 105; Andrew Lanthier, Orwell, doe 103; Benjamin Wallen, Orwell, doe 101; James Brown, Orwell, doe 100; Timothy Langlois, Clarendon, doe 100; Kevin Barker, Castleton, doe 95; Shawn Mulholland, Orwell, doe 92; Eric Manning, Shoreham, doe 90; Wyatt Stearns, Shoreham, doe 85; Ronald Collins, Shoreham, doe 85; Christopher Mongeur, Orwell, doe 85; Stephen Blaise, Salisbury, fawn 81; Gary Briggs, Shoreham, fawn 80; Tabitha Bragdon, Bridport, fawn 78; Gene Goodspeed, Orwell, fawn 77; and Robert Barnes, Orwell, doe 76.

Hunter Warner, Middlebury, doe 68; Shawn Warner, Middlebury, doe 131; and Alexis Whitney, Cornwall, doe 93.

Joshua Sherman, New Haven, buck 172-8; Francis Jennings, Starksboro, buck 152-7; Alice Johnson, Charlotte, buck 141-5; Zachary Laurie, New Haven, buck 140-4; Thomas Lathrop, Starksboro, buck 140-9; George Tucker, Bridport, doe 139; Warren Chase, Hinesburg, doe 136; Wayne Larose, Starksboro, doe 132; Steven Moulton, Starksboro, buck 131-5; Eric Jennings, Monkton, buck 131-8; and Paul Jerome, New Haven, doe 131.
Also, Kevin Clark, Lincoln, doe 130; Joshua Parker, Cornwall, doe 130; John Bennett, Starksboro, doe 130; Daniel Heath, Bristol, buck 129-7; Paul Jerome, Lincoln, buck 129-9; Michael Betourney, Bridport, doe 128; Thadeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 126 doe; Chad Perlee, New Haven, 124 doe; Kevin Brennan, Monkton, buck 121-3; Donald Brown, Bristol, doe 120; Miles Russell, Hinesburg, buck 119-3; and Peter Moyer, Starksboro, doe 119.
Also, Tucker Davis, Bristol, doe 118; Michael Danyow, New Haven, doe 118; David Whitcomb, Bristol, buck 114-3; Gerald Laflam, Monkton, doe 114; Ashley Lowell, Shelburne, doe 114; Nathaniel Marsters, Bristol, doe 114; Reiss Hendee, Jericho, doe 111; Brian Ladeau, Weybridge, doe 109; Christopher Berry, Bristol, doe 105; Jack Gracie, Charlotte, doe 104; Jerad Gorton, New Haven, buck 102-4; and Gabriel Meader, Monkton, doe 101.
Also David Gagnon, New Haven, doe 98; Erin Dalley, Bristol, doe 97; Devin Belisle, Starksboro, 94 doe; Scott Manning, New Haven, doe 93; Nathan McCormick, Bristol, 92 doe; Jerad Gorton, New Haven, fawn 84; James Jewell, New Haven, 80 doe; and Bruce Perlee, New Haven, fawn 79.
Also, Richard Lathrop, Weybridge, fawn 71; Gregory Cousino, Ripton, fawn 71; Pernell Bedell, Starksboro, 68 doe; Joseph Zeno, Bridport, 67 fawn; Richard Mason, Monkton, fawn 63; Brian Ramsey, New Haven, fawn 60; Garrett Davis, Bristol, fawn 59; Colin Jennings, New Haven, fawn, 58; Victor Fifield, Cornwall, fawn, 53; Payton Shepard, Starksboro, fawn 51.

Matthew Funk, Cornwall, doe 156; Daniel Bourgeois, Charlotte, buck 150-4; Dewey Barrows, Ferrisburgh, doe 147; Paul Pierce, Ferrisburgh, doe 144; Cooper Harvey, Charlotte, doe 144; Eric Raymond, Cornwall, buck 140-8; Codey Corse, Middlebury, doe 137; Kevin Haight, Waltham, buck 131-5; Gary Hallock, Monkton, buck 132-6; and Linwood Chamberlain, Monkton, doe 131.
Also, Robert Martin, Charlotte, doe 131; Charles Paolontonio, Monkton, doe 127; Scott Brace, Ferrisburgh, doe 126; Russell Preston, Ferrisburgh, doe 125; Brent Newton, New Haven, doe 124; Jon Boise, New Haven, doe 124; Trevor Hallock, New Haven, doe 124; Juan de la Cruz, Panton, doe 124; Daniel Stearns, Ferrisburgh, doe 123; and Sidney Barbour, Ferrisburgh, doe 122.
Also, Brian Hayes, New Haven, doe 122; Langdon Smith, New Haven, doe 122; Patrick Blaise, Panton, doe 122; Eric Preston, Ferrisburgh, doe 122; John Mlcuch, New Haven, buck 120-7; Christopher Miller, Ferrisburgh, doe 119; Christopher Gebo, Ferrisburgh, doe 119; Alan Whittemore, Ferrisburgh, doe 118; Phillip Williams, Cornwall, doe 118; and Shannon Martin, Hinesburg, doe 117.
Also, Adin Girard, Cornwall, doe 117; Corey Yantz, Lincoln, buck 116-4; Stephen Ducey, Addison, doe 115; Kyle Cousino, Bristol, doe 115; Donnie Mashia, Richmond, doe 115; Conrad Marsano, New Haven, doe 115; John Cole, Ferrisburgh, doe 115; James Hoag, Ferrisburgh, doe 114; Jeffrey Fortune, Ferrisburgh, doe 114; and Brendan Huestis, Ferrisburgh, doe 114.
Also, Richard Greene, Charlotte, doe 113; John Gillette, Hinesburg, buck 113-8; Andrew Tracy, Monkton, buck 111-6; Lucas Sweeney, Lincoln, doe 111; Gary English, Salisbury, doe 111; Robert Clark, Bristol, doe 111; Philip Hardway, Addison, doe 111; Christian Zeno, Starksboro, doe 110; Scott Curtis, Monkton, doe 110; Thomas Kenyon, Monkton, doe 110; and Travis Paquette, Bristol, doe 110.
Also, Adam Gorton, Middlebury, doe 109; Patrick Blaise, Panton, doe 109; Matthew Funk, Cornwall, doe 109; Charles Levarn, Lincoln, doe 108; Nathan Fitzgerald, Ira, doe 107; Danielle Norris, New Haven, doe 105; Darcy Spear, Ferrisburgh, doe 104; Nicholas Desjadon, Salisbury, doe 103; Kyle Bartlett, Bristol, doe 103; Eric Raymond, Addison, doe 103; and Corey Rougier, Monkton, doe 102.
Also, Dennis Brinkman, Bridport, doe 102; Eugene Bradford, Ferrisburgh, doe 101; Scott Brace, Ferrisburgh, doe 101; Glen Jewell, Monkton, doe 100; Charles Paolontonio, Monkton, doe 99; Christian Bergeron, Pittsford, buck 98; Bruce Cram, Ripton, doe 98; Albert Dickerson, Huntington, doe 96; Peter Fenn, Middlesex, doe 95; Wilbur Devoid, Addison, doe 92; and Jason Whittemore, Waltham, doe 90.
Also, James Zeno, Starksboro, doe 86; Eric Grace, Ferrisburgh, doe 85; William King, Berkshire, 83 doe; John Mlcuch, New Haven, doe 83; Jordan D’Amico, New Haven, fawn 75; Brian Dalnicki, West Rutland, fawn 75; Patrick Needham, New Haven, fawn 75; Nathan Nimblett, Addison, fawn 72; Jacob Trombley, Ferrisburgh, fawn 70; Foster Tucker, Addison, fawn 70; Stephen Tucker, Addison, fawn 69; Matthew Badger, Monkton, fawn 63; Miles Shorey, Ripton, fawn 62; and Lyman Gaudette, Shelburne, fawn 62.

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