MUMS students offer their art to future generations

Editor’s note: During the 8th-grade graduation ceremony at Middlebury Union Middle School in June, 8th-grader Camilla Blanco delivered the following address.
Before the conclusion of our ceremony I would like to invite Dalton Rheaume and Lille Gee to join me.
The Class of 2023 would like to donate a very special piece of artwork that will be hung in our main lobby for all to admire. Many students worked together to create this beautiful handmade glass snowflake. Several more students worked together to write the following dedication and they asked me to share it with you today.
Middle school is like a snowstorm and sometimes the flakes fall fast and furious, blurring our path, but only just for a moment. If we lose sight of the path it is important to pause and reflect and it will become clear again. Sometimes we may need to uncover a hidden talent or work hard using a familiar toll to reveal a new path, but nonetheless a path is always there for us to follow.
The Class of 2023 represents one individual snowflake in the snowstorm. Each member of our class is represented in this collaborative piece. It is stronger and more dynamic together than the individual pieces that make it up just like we are stronger together as a class than we are as individuals apart.
Graduation will send this snowflake on to new adventures in the storm of life, but we will always find our way because we have each other. We need to remember to celebrate each other rather than judge one another.
We hope this snowflake will serve as a reminder for all who view it that together we can withstand any storm life brings. If we stick together and help each other any blurred or snow-covered pathway can be found and will be found.
All MUMS students in the Class on 2023 created this piece of stained glass that will be permanently hung in the halls of MUMS as a reminder for future classes. Stick together, don’t let the drama of life blur your path because we all need each other. Each tiny piece of glass in fragile until it connects with another.
Thanks you to all our teachers, classmates, friends and families for reminding us of what is really important.

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