On the Ball: Spring schedules: Your results may vary

And so it (spring schedule changing) beginsNever mind the sap buckets, first thunderstorms or the Red Sox equipment truck heading to Florida, the surest sign of spring in these parts comes when the local high schools start juggling their schedules. If it’s not the weather, it’s lacrosse players taking off en masse for the Caribbean. Either way, ADs end up scrambling to reschedule games. Sometimes we find out here at the Independent. Sometimes the View My Schedule email feature works, sometimes the schools use it. Sometimes neither of those things happen. Sometimes often-overworked ADs remember to tell us about scheduling changes. Sometimes, not so much. I only found out that the Vergennes-Harwood boys’ lacrosse game had been moved up to this past Monday by accident, for example. So what’s a fan of a team or teams to do? Ask an athlete or a coach. Call the schools. Sadly, please don’t rely on our published schedules. One rain shower between our deadline and the start of a baseball game, and there it goes.Here’s one heads-up for girls’ lacrosse fans: The Middlebury Union High School team’s opener has been moved from Fucile Field at 4:30 on Thursday the 10th to Middlebury Union Middle School at 5 p.m. That decision came after typical three-way talks among Woodstock, MUHS and Middlebury College officials. The college offered its turf field, but reasonably not till Saturday. Woodstock said no, too many kids leaving early for spring break, and offered to host. MUHS was skeptical, remembering a “Come on down, the weather’s fine” game last year that was then played in a steady downpour, and also citing a scheduling conflict with a Thursday evening concert. Hence, the MUMS compromise was struck.Hey, welcome to spring. When you see a schedule, remember this Reagan-era motto: “Trust, but verify.”This just in at about 4:35: Since I wrote the original copy a couple hours ago, two more changes have come to light. Saturday's MUHS boys' lacrosse game vs. Woodstock has been moved to Middlebury College's Alumni Field at 4:30 p.m., and the Otter Valley softball game at Burr & Burton game for Saturday has been postponed. Can't tell the games without a scorecard. Andy Kirkaldy may be reached at [email protected].

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