Whiskey maker brews up bottling plan

WhistlePig Whiskey this fall is scheduled to fire up its new bottling operation in the former Otter Creek Brewing headquarters at 373 Exchange St., a Middlebury property the nationally renowned rye whiskey maker acquired last year for $1.6 million.

Former Shoreham whiskey maker turns to brandy & agriculture education

SHOREHAM — It’s one of those stunning, late-August afternoons to which Vermonters subconsciously transport themselves when the mercury dives below zero in early February. The sun is grudgingly obeying its celestial mandate as it ebbs on the western horizo … (read more)

Shoreham businessman buys Green Mountain College campus for $4.5 million

SHOREHAM — One of the founders of WhistlePig Rye Whiskey in Shoreham this week was announced as the winning bidder for the former Green Mountain College property in Poultney, an asset he plans to maintain and operate for educational purposes. Raj Peter Bh … (read more)