Ways of Seeing: Money changed Boeing trajectory

You could say that I owe my life to Boeing. Until the advent of Amazon and Microsoft, it was the largest employer in the Seattle area, even in the early years of World War II, as the Depression came to an end.

Ways of Seeing: We can learn from other nations

Driving in western Ireland is a unique experience. Although there are a few “dual carriageways,” resembling our interstates, most of the roads are small and considerably narrower than our standard roads in Vermont, and generally lacking any shoulders.

Ways of Seeing: The irony of policing college students

I have been pondering the relationship between policing and teaching. Initially, one might not see the two as related, but they really are quite intertwined.

Ways of Seeing: Cultivating fixes for local problems

When I look at the world it’s easy to feel heartbroken and paralyzed at the chaos. Granted, I’m a born pessimist, but I’m sure many of you share my despair about climate change, the war in Ukraine, the strife in Israel and Gaza, and the huge number of peo … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Let’s connect the dots for peace

It has now been more than six months since the Hamas attack of October 7, and about six months since Israel began raining bombs onto the people of Gaza.

Ways of Seeing: Kite flying proves a fun reminder

This Easter, feeling so sad about the ways of the world as well as recent personal losses, we skipped our usual family Easter. Instead, we walked across the Lake Champlain Bridge at Chimney Point on that sunny blustery day.

Ways of Seeing: Hearing aids can be life changing

What? Do you hear and ask this question often? I did, too, until recently. When my daughter visited last summer, I asked her if she thought I needed hearing aids.

Ways of Seeing: Our neighbors are not our enemies

The hardest and most necessary work of our life is loving other beings.

Ways of Seeing: What is the cost of flourishing?

Have you ever been lost? Before there were the map apps, it surely happened more frequently while driving. Hiking can be a different situation.

Ways of Seeing: Paid by the apple

At age 31, I’d never worked with my hands. I experimented with hand tools as a kid at my father’s cellar workbench when he was working.

Ways of Seeing: Historical lessons on (border) politics

Last week, the Biden Administration announced that it was considering an Executive Order that would restrict asylum claims at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Ways of Seeing: Gaye’s musical message endures

Recently, I got the urge to listen to Marvin Gaye’s album “What’s Going On?” I’m fortunate enough to own the CD and, yes, I still have a CD player.

Ways of Seeing: The look of love is in his eyes

Our cat Buster loves meat. Raw meat. We adopted him because he was cute and cuddly, and because my husband fell in love with him.

Ways of Seeing: On preventing future suffering

I taught my first yoga classes over thirty years ago, when my teacher and mentor Gayna took her annual two-month long winter trip to Zihuatanejo, Mexico, and asked me to fill in for her while she was away.

Ways of Seeing: Answering spirits during new moon

On the eleventh day after the new moon, spirits call me. I am giving Grandmother Erdenchimeg an energy healing. Her back is sore after the evening reindeer milking.