Ways of Seeing: The war on education, and truth

We are in the midst of a war on education. Not against all learning, but certainly against any lessons about racial injustice.

Ways of Seeing: The hidden problem all around us

Our neighbors’ challenges can be invisible. Like the folks who show up at Have-a-Heart Food Shelf each month.

Ways of Seeing: Discovering the ‘Light’ with yoga

Most people show up to yoga class for gentle movement, deep breathing, and stress reduction, but if they come to my classes they get yoga philosophy too.

Ways of Seeing: Sugaring a sweet learning option

Sugaring is a Vermont tradition. Now it’s part of a tradition at Bristol Elementary School as well.

Ways of Seeing: Time for divorce from fossil fuels

It’s not that Mr. Fossil Fuels hasn’t provided me with a comfortable and delightful life; he has.

Ways of Seeing: Exploring the barn led to a surprise

A driving force in my life has been exploring. “Marrying Mongolia,” my new book, follows that theme from childhood.

Ways of Seeing: We must call out people who lie

It doesn’t really matter whether George Washington chopped down a cherry tree. It’s important to “fess up when you’ve messed up.”

Ways of Seeing: Bolivia trip offered thrilling sights

My family takes a trip together nearly every year. Once the trip is over we immediately look forward to the next one.

Ways of Seeing: Reflecting on Dr. King’s dream

Equality is not equity. Dr. King made this point repeatedly. He argued that while white Americans were acquiring free land in the American West, Black Americans, Asians, and Latinos were cultivating that land with zero or little compensation.

Ways of Seeing: What a difference a rest makes

As someone who finds it hard to nap, resting as a practice is a revolutionary and challenging act, but during the holiday season I gave myself that gift.

Ways of Seeing: Community living is a blessing

My husband and I step out for a brisk winter stroll and immediately get drawn into a snowball fight — five energetic kids against three adults, but we three are up to the challenge.

Ways of Seeing: In praise of rice and lentils

Ah, January. The magical month where so many of us vow to exercise more, eat healthier, stop wasting money, and generally Be Better.

Ways of Seeing: It pays to listen to one’s inner self

When you follow your inner guidance or calling, amazing things can happen. For instance, I went to Mongolia, a place I never dreamed of going.

Ways of Seeing: Lean into acts of kindness and love

Lean in With Love. This phrase has been circling through my brain for a while now, and seems resonant with the season.

Ways of Seeing: Advent is a blessing to all faiths

It may seem blasphemous to write this, but I’m a Jew who loves Advent.