Vergennes Police Log: Juvenile cited for break-in at Maplefields

Vergennes police on Jan. 3 cited a juvenile for the nighttime break-in and theft from Maplefields convenience store at the junction of Main and South Water streets.

Vergennes Police Log: Man cited for assault on elderly relative

Vergennes police on Dec. 20 cited a High Street resident for domestic assault on an elderly relative. 

Vergennes Police Log for Dec. 22

Vergennes police took a pair of calls last week from a Panton Road resident about complaints they believe could be unfounded due to likely dementia on the part of the caller.

Vergennes Police Log for Dec. 15

Vergennes police dealt with a variety of incidents between Dec. 5 and 11, including refereeing family discord and juveniles disagreeing with one another, conducting welfare checks and responding to car accidents. 

Vergennes Police Log: City resident falls victim to scam

A Vergennes resident lost $15,000 to a computer scam last week, Vergennes police reported.

Vergennes Police Log: Woman cited for unlawful mischief

Vergennes police on Nov. 23 cited a newly discharged client from the Valley Vista substance use disorder treatment facility for unlawful mischief and trespass after a couple of interactions with her. 

Vergennes Police Log: Allegation follows recovery of car

Vergennes police last week dealt with a case of a stolen car and an allegation of a sexual assault, both involving a former couple.  

Vergennes Police Log for Nov. 17

Vergennes police continue to be called by the Valley Vista substance use disorder facility as it discharges problematic clients who are unable to successfully complete their rehabilitation programs.

Vergennes Police Log for Nov. 10

Vergennes police on Nov. 2 worked with federal law enforcement and the Bank of America’s fraud department to prevent a fraudulent check for about $6,900 being charged to a city law firm.

Vergennes Police Log: Driver of moped cited for DUI

Vergennes police this past Saturday, Oct. 29, cited a city resident for driving a moped on South Water Street under the influence of alcohol.

Vergennes Police Log: City police investigate embezzlement

Vergennes police allege a woman with a New Haven address embezzled about $1,300 from the Maplefields convenience store on Main Street in the city. 

Vergennes Police Log for Oct. 20

In a quiet seven-day span for the Vergennes Police Department, officers between Oct. 10 and 16 dealt with a couple disputes and three minor car accidents and ruled a resident’s untimely death was due to natural causes.

Vergennes Police Log: Unruly Valley Vista clients require attention

Between Oct. 3 and 9, Vergennes police twice were called to help Valley Vista personnel at 1 Alden Place deal with clients who became unruly upon learning they were being dismissed from the facility, which is a rehab center for teens and young women.

Vergennes Police Log: Addison man cited for DUI

City police on Sunday cited an Addison man for driving under the influence of alcohol, an action that followed a complaint from a Main Street resident about an unwanted knock on her door. 

Vergennes Police Log for Sept. 29

Vergennes police are investigating a $4,878.89 check cashed at a local bank on Sept. 20 that bank officials reported was counterfeit.