ACEDC aids two Bristol business projects

The Addison County Economic Development Corp. recently helped two Bristol businesses to secure financing for commercial development projects.

Minifactory to open in Bristol later this month

Chef-entrepreneur V Smiley is planning to open soon the Minifactory, a combination coffeeshop, food retailer and production space for her award-winning V Smiley Preserves.

Bristol Cliffs Cafe to reopen as Minifactory

V Smiley plans to revamp the 16 Main Street space to include not only a coffeeshop and eatery but also operations for V Smiley Preserves.

Bristol Cliffs Cafe closing doors to make way for new owner

Bristol Cliffs Cafe in downtown Bristol is changing hands and will soon have a new name.

V Smiley to open unique restaurant in Vergennes

VERGENNES — Sometime this fall the latest addition to the Vergennes culinary scene should arrive in the Kennedy Brothers building on North Main Street — after a long journey that began near Seattle eight years ago, or arguably even earlier on a 150-acre f … (read more)