Fish & Wildlife bill gets mixed reviews

At Monday’s Legislative Breakfast, local hunting and trapping enthusiasts grilled Sen. Chris Bray on bill S.258, which proposes to transfer the authority to adopt rules for the taking of fish, wildlife and fur-bearing animals from the Fish & Wildlife Board to the Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Letter to the editor: Trappers’ video is misleading

For those of you who may know me, you know how non-confrontational I am. I like to focus on honest education only. I have been biting my tongue out of fear of confrontation, but we are way past that now.

Letter to the editor: Trappers and hunters do the most for conservation

In response to the inaccurate and unfair Sept. 14 letter by Barbara Felitti, who appears to be an anti-anything hunting or trapping person from Protect Our Wildlife.

Letter to the editor: F&W Dept., lawmakers, serve only hunters trappers

At the July meeting of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board, an FWB member recommended adding “manually applied blunt force” as a “best” management practice for killing a trapped animal.

Letter to the editor: Vermont should ban trapping

Trappers consider trapping to be a time-honored tradition they enjoy. To non-trappers, it’s a tradition whose time has come and gone.

Public hearing set on Vt. trapping laws

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department and the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board are accepting public comment and will hold three public hearings on new proposed regulations for trapping and for hunting coyotes with the aid of dogs.

Letter to the editor: Ethical hunting, not trapping, should be encouraged

How, one might wonder, will new people be motivated to become hunters if it means joining a group that believes itself vilified and threatened, and reacts with anger toward anyone who speaks of mitigating harm to wildlife?

Letter to the editor: Anti-trapping crowd offers baseless arguments

The anti-trapping crowd love to trot out the usual “inhumane,” “outmoded and harmful,” “unnecessarily painful” emotional appeals. None of these arguments are objective or “science-based” and are purely subjective.

Bill seeks to end trapping in Vermont

Some Addison County residents are hoping a newly introduced bill will encourage a shift away from the practice of trapping animals in Vermont. Bill H.191 proposes to ban recreational and commercial trapping in the state, with a few exceptions. 

Hunting & Trapping lawbooks available

Vermont 2023 hunting, trapping, and fishing licenses, as well as the 2023 lawbooks for these activities, are now available on the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department’s website and wherever licenses are sold.

Letter to the editor: It’s time for the state to ban trapping

A majority of Vermonters oppose recreational and fur trapping — 68% disapprove of recreational trapping (only 26% approve) and 62% disapprove of fur trapping (only 31% approve).

Letter to the editor: Time for the state to ban leghold traps

Trapping supporters, including our own Fish & Wildlife Department, often claim the word “science” to advance a political agenda.

Letter to the editor: Trapping, hound hunting cruel

I recently became aware that Vermont’s Silvio O. Conte National Wildlife Refuge allows both the hounding of bears, bobcats, coyotes and other wildlife, as well as the use of leghold and body crushing Conibear kill traps. Hounding and trapping conflict wit … (read more)