Top Ten 2023: The year of the deluge

Many Addison County residents will remember 2023 as the year during which they never left home without an umbrella.

Top Ten 2023: Once again, housing is scarce

A lack of available housing created a lot of problems in 2023, not only for folks trying to settle in Addison County, but for various businesses and institutions trying to fill vacancies on their workforce rosters.

Top Ten 2023: Big building projects begin

2023 was a year during which some major building projects got off the ground — or at least off the drawing board.

Top Ten 2023: Shootings claim lives in & around county

Acts of gun violence shook the community on several occasions in 2023, as shootings claimed the lives of four in and around Addison County. 

Top Ten 2023: Good news on the childcare front

In June, the Vermont Legislature passed a sweeping childcare bill that would invest $125 million a year of new funding into the state’s childcare sector, making it one of the most expansive systems in the nation.

Top Ten 2023: County marks changing of the guard

The top officials in our community are called “leaders” for a reason. They aren’t just figureheads, but have actual authority to make decisions that affect our daily lives; sometimes that power is conferred in legal statutes. and sometimes it comes from t … (read more)

Top Ten 2023: Racist incidents occur at schools

Local schools grappled with racist incidents directed at both students and educators and considered ways to foster more welcoming and inclusive learning communities moving forward. 

Top Ten 2023: College aims to offer real-world, accessible education

How does an esteemed educational institution continue to prepare its students for life after graduation in an ever-changing, complex world? It evolves. 

Top Ten 2023: How we fund our schools

Addison County residents showed strong support for public education on Town Meeting Day, when all local school budgets passed, four out of five by large margins.

Top Ten 2023: We boast champions all around

The Independent Sports section believes everyone’s efforts count. Sure, when scores are logged, times are kept, distances are measured, or performances are judged, winners are named. And here we’ll celebrate our most successful athletes.

Top Ten 2023: Online

Readers had their own opinions about what interested them most in 2023. One indication of that is what you “clicked” in 2023.

Top Ten 2022: Living with COVID

After a bad winter, we mostly learned to live with COVID over the course of the year and for most of us it became more of a constant drone in the background rather than a pounding drumbeat in our face.

Top Ten 2022: Towns foster local schools

A handful of Addison County towns worked tirelessly this year to keep or gain control of their local elementary schools in an effort to ensure they’d stay open amid declining enrollment and rising education costs.

Top Ten 2022: Housing crunch worsens

Addison County’s — and Vermont’s — dearth of affordable housing has been well-chronicled during the past three decades. And 2022 added another sad chapter to a housing dilemma that began to touch all segments of the market.

Top Ten 2022: It was a lively election

Here in Addison County there was somewhat of a “blue wave” that swept Democrats into every single one of Addison County’s allotted seats in the Vermont House and Senate.