Letter to the editor: President, other Dems, embarrassing

Joe Biden is a profound embarrassment as Commander in Chief overseeing the disastrous American withdrawal from Afghanistan. The loss of many lives resulting from his failure is horrible! How pathetic it is that no one currently in line to succeed Biden (K. Harris, N. Pelosi, P. Leahy) has the competence to have done any better. Sadly, the top Democrats in power are incapable of handling a crisis.Tom HughesMiddlebury

Letter to the editor: Washington was not disparaged

In his letter to the Addison Independent (March 12) Tom Hughes accuses me of writing disparagingly of George Washington. This was not my intention. Indeed, I meant just opposite. Therefore, either I miswrote or Mr. Hughes mistook my point. Probably both a … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Washington DID read books, lots of them

In his essay published in the Jan. 28 edition of the Addison Independent, on his way to making a point about George Washington’s example of moral excellence, Victor Nuovo made a misleading and disparaging comment about the Father of our Country. The first … (read more)

Republican running in Addison-1 for balance

MIDDLEBURY — After a six-year hiatus, Middlebury Republican Tom Hughes is back on the ballot in his attempt to win one of two seats representing Addison County’s shire town in the Vermont House. Hughes, 64, is the lone challenger on the 2020 ballot for th … (read more)