Weybridge songwriter releases new CDs

This week, Weybridge songwriter Camden Joy (AKA Tom Adelman) released two new CDs of original music, “Rerouting…” and “Roaming On.” 

Letter to the editor: ‘Support your local police’

I was relieved to notice a sign outside Greg’s Meat Market encouraging us to “Support Your Local Police.” It was indeed nicely planted and well watched. I’ll admit — at first I didn’t get it at all. “Support Your Local Police?” I imagined an implicit thre … (read more)

Tom Adelman’s joy of music strikes a chord

WEYBRIDGE — Typically when we meet someone new, we have a brief interaction with them and part, assuming a basic understanding of who they are, what they do and perhaps a few commonalities we share. It’s not a bad assumption — perhaps one we’re all accust … (read more)