Community Forum: Act 127 has sustainability issue

Vermont’s very well-intentioned attempt to make education funding more equitable has created confusion for school boards, school officials and taxpayers.

Community forum: ACSD is taking concrete steps to fight racism

We hear community members calling for us to do better and to respond. We want to share with certainty: We have moved beyond acknowledging the problem. We are committed to doing the work that will make change within our schools. 

New ACSD leader lists top priorities

Just as he did for the Hannaford Career Center, Tim Williams will — among many other things — help his employer find his replacement and assist in crafting a revenue-challenged 2024-25 school budget.

ACSD taps Williams to lead district as interim

Tim Williams has spent the past year as interim superintendent of the Patricia Hannaford Career Center, Addison County’s voc-tech hub that’s based a mere stone’s throw away from the ACSD central offices off Charles Avenue.

Career Center hires interim leader

The Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center on Aug. 18 voted unanimously to hire a Pennsylvania man to serve as interim superintendent of the center through the 2022-2023 academic year.